Nichols on DNC Chair Dean

I don’t know that Dean would have done better than Kerry as the Democratic nominee. And thanks to the careful calculations of primary voters in places like Iowa, I never will. But I know this: If Dean had been the candidate, the contrast between him and Bush, especially with respect to Iraq, would have been drawn much more clearly, hastening the day when middle America comes to its senses and realizes what a catastrophe Bush has engineered there.

Hopefully we can still get there, and with Dean as chairman of the DNC I think our chances get better. So does John Nichols, writing in The Nation: Now he has the power.

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  1. Patriot Says:

    Yeah! Bring it on, Mr. Dean!

  2. Rise Against Says:

    Thats’s doctor Dean, to you Patriot. :-)

  3. Rise Against Says:

    In his new role as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Dean has stressed that Democrats are stronger than Republicans on defense.

    “Defense is a lot broader than swaggering around saying you’re going to kick Saddam’s butt,” Dean said Thursday, drawing cheers from the crowd.

    …and ‘bring it on’ he will. Although when he brings it, at least there won’t be any kiddknappings and beheadings. You know, like when Bush said, “Bring it On” to the insurgents, and they did. Cowboy.

  4. Thom Says:

    Dean has already displayed his ability to connect with the American electorate, has was displayed by his broad popularity in the last election, as well as in the fierce loyalty he engendered the Democratic base during the primaries. I am confident that DOCTOR Dean will display the same knack for success as DNC leader that he did as a Presidential candidate.

  5. Rise Against Says:

    Yes, I agree Thom. How Dr. Dean used the net to rally a base will truly go down in political history as a significant event. At the very least it shows he as some creative and innovative traits that will no doubt be of value to the DNC.

  6. Adam Says:

    To me, Dean represents the spirit of standing up for what you believe in, something that’s been sorely lacking in the Dems lately. How many times has Bush said, “You may not agree with me, but you know where I stand.” And I’m convinced that for the American public right now, standing behind what you believe is actually more important than *what* you believe. It’s a show of strength.

    That’s not to say that I don’t agree with what Dean stands for. I do. And that’s the point. He will be an advocate instead of a wishy-washy finger-to-the-wind practicioner. It’s what we need.

  7. TeacherVet Says:

    I think we’re all pleased that mr. Dean is the choice, although I would have preferred Kennedy or Byrd.

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