IP Relay and Nigerian Scams

Dear sir/madam,

This lies.com posting will definitely be coming to you as a surprise, but I must crave your indulgence to introduce myself to you.

I am Miss Marah Sadija, former mistress to the son (Qusay) of the Iraqi former leader, Saddam Hussein…

No, actually, I’m still just jbc. But I wanted to finish up a trio of excellent items lifted from Boing Boing with a link to the following site, where relay operators (who work as translators, bascially, passing on phone calls verbatim to deaf users) discuss the trouble they have with the requirement that they serve as enablers of Nigerian phone scams: Nigerian scams using IP relay. (Link updated per the comments, October 23, 2006.)

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  1. My Fucking Life » Niga-rians, why I hate them. Says:

    […] hem, they are fucked up idiots. As much related links tomorrow yesterday Nigerian Scam IP Relay and Nigerian Scams Telecommunications Relay Service Abuse (TRSA)

  2. mssheila Says:

    Hello there. Thank you for writing about this subject. I am a former relay operator, and I have information for you. First of all, though, I’d like you to know that the Relay Operator’s website that you have listed is an old link. That site’s information is very outdated, and the informational links have all been deleted. The operator’s got together and created a new website. The link for the new site is:

    I’d like it very much if you would take the other link out. Getting the word out on these scams is very important to the operators. If you have any questions, or would like to talk to me personally, you can email me at operatorhere@yahoo.com

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