Lindorff Follows Up on Bush’s Bulge

Dave Lindorff, who did some good reporting on Bush’s use of an against-the-rules radio receiver to prompt him during his debates with John Kerry, has a good followup story on the incident, and how it was (and mostly wasn’t) reported: The emperor’s new hump.

Thanks to reader Anthy for the link.

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  1. TeacherVet Says:

    Is there anyone, anywhere, who was not aware of this allegation prior to the election?

  2. John Callender Says:

    Heh. Yeah, people were aware that were was an allegation, and it was presented as being a laughable bit of Internet conspiracy-mongering. Not, you know, as a serious case of a man who has no business being president cheating in the debates to try to conceal that fact.

  3. Craig Says:

    John, seriously…….

  4. John Callender Says:

    I’m totally serious. If you have any reason for believing that that wasn’t a wireless receiver with an induction loop for passing instructions to Bush on the sly, other than your own personal desire not to believe that it was, you should offer it. But we’ve already had that discussion, and as far as I can remember, you don’t have any. So you’re welcome to continue fooling yourself that this is just a light-hearted bit of silliness. But some of us know better.

  5. Patriot Says:

    just because an organization is called “FAIR” does not mean it is fair.

    I would be suprised if they both weren’t doing something like that.

    except what about when one of them got “whitehouse dot-com” and “whitehouse dot-gov” mixed up? surely a reciever would have fixed that.

    and don’t you think the Most Powerful Man in the World would have been able to get a reciever that didn’t make a bulge in his pocket?

  6. Craig Says:

    FAIR is anything but, when it comes to unbiased reporting.

    The reason NYT wouldn’t publish this obvious “truth” is because they feared being called names by Bush, or didn’t want to look biased right before the election?? Oh okay, yeah, that’s the reason they stayed away from the story. Not because it could never rise above “Lock Ness”-like speculation.

    A story so plainly true, so explosive, so damaging, and no one will touch it for fear of Bush. That’s X-File territory my friends.

  7. Craig Says:

    Questions started buzzing about some kind of electronic device right after the first debate, to the point in which even the press secretary addressed it. The Bush Team response? “Hey, this is fun, let’s do it during the other debates too!”

    Even Kerry wouldn’t question it. Gee, what political value would there be in busting the “moral values” President for cheating on such a grand stage? I guess, not much.

    So our proof is a NASA Analyst trying to sell his story and “enhanced” picture all around the country like a two-bit paperback writer? And no major media player will bite. But yet his story and picture is airtight Gospel truth?

    Based on all this, just who is it who is trying to fool themselves based upon what they want to believe?

  8. Patriot Says:

    another conspiracy “theory” bites the dust.

  9. Super Mega Posable Freedom Ranger Says:

    ahhh, republicans. “daddy said so, sweetie, now shut up and run along” is their answer for everything.

  10. Patriot Says:

    And the Democrats answer to everything?


  11. 1st Place of the Left Says:

    Thne really sad thing about this whole thing is that if Bush was cheating, he still counldn’t even win the debates. Which is why I don’t understand how he won the election. I mean, where I come from, educated voters watch the debates and then decide who is the best man for the job, which makes me question the intelligence of 52% of Americans.


  12. Gunfighter Says:

    Therefore, if one were to disagree with Lefteee, that person must be unintelligent. To paraphrase Mark Twain…Nothing so needs improvement as other people’s intelligence.

  13. Thom Says:

    “Notice The Beatles standing behind the drum in the center of the photo. They are standing sideways except for Paul who is facing directly forward. John, Ringo, and George look *three dimensional* while Paul looks like one of the cardboard cutouts.
    * Paul is the only one holding a black instrument. Black is associated with death. This may seem insignificant now, but it turns up a few more times.
    * This is the first occasion where we see an open palm above Paul McCartney’s head. There are many different theories as to what this signifies. It is generally taken to mean either that the person under the open palm will soon die or has recently passed away. As you will see, this turns up quite a few times…”

  14. Patriot Says:

    I’m still not seeing the connection between the Beatles and anything else that has been brought up …. unless it is sarcasm to show how silly the BUSH WAS GETTING FED ANSWERS AND STILl LOST THE DEBATE CONSPIRACY THEORY is by placing it in the same category.

    A much more interesting point is brought up by Gunfighter – you lefties claim to be tolerant and then claim that everyone whom you think is not is stupid. How intolerant and illogical of you. On the other hand, assuming your worldviews are correct, I may be a bigot, but at least im a logically consistant bigot.

  15. Patriot Says:

    This is the same kind of logic that the Republicrats were using in the ’90s to get people to hate Clinton. Don’t get me wrong, he was a bum, and much much worse than Bush. But the Republicrats gave him credit for being both stupid and diabolical – same thing you’re doing to Bush. Exactly. He can’t be both, he has to be one or the other. If he’s stupid, you could still argue that he is a mere figurehead, that the real power is wielded by the corrupt Republicrat esablishment – but if he’s diabolical then there is no way he could predict how people woulr react to his facade of stupidity. He would have predicted just as you have that no sane person would vote for a politician who acts like an idiot. So he couldn’t really be diabolical himself could he?

    So Bush isn’t acting like an idiot on purpose – he’s acting like himself. Similarities to the earlier Republican presidency of abraham lincoln present themselves yet again. And in the spirit of bipartisanship, even with andrew jackson’s.

  16. Rise Against Says:

    Wow – did you see the release of the memo that was handed to Condi Rice a few months before September 11th? You know, the memo about Al Qaeda she said she never seen in a letter she wrote to a major newspaper. The owners of this website may need to watch out, because I think The Bush Administration may have to copyright the domain name

  17. Patriot Says:

    not specifically but I have heard random conspiracy-theory talk about secret memos and carelessness.

    I believe something similar happened to Bill Clinton when he claimed he was never offered Osama bin laden after claiming he was.

    You can’t really bash Bush or his cronies for not seeing the signs that led up to 911 without dragging down Clinton and his henchmen along with them.

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