Delivering Freedom to the World – In Tiny Metal Packets

Read this account of yet another gunning down by US troops of a carload of civilians in Iraq – or better yet, look at the photos of the blood-spattered, suddenly orphaned little Iraqi girl – and explain to me again how Bush’s war is making the world a freer place. Because I don’t see it.

Anyway: A shooting after nightfall.

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  1. Jen Says:

    I saw the most horrible video of it, it was the bloodiest thing I have ever saw, a girl was on the side walk screaming when she saw the Bodies everywhere with Blood and the Little Boy came out on the Street bewildered and saw this blood shed. American Soldiers shot a good about 20 rounds into the Civilian Car, killing I think the whole Family leaving the children orphaned. The girl was screaming out loud, “Why does this have to happen?” “What is going to happen to me….?” Then the Boy was given to the Oldest Teenager to look after.

    That was it. End of the Story, but the boy and the Girl has to live for the rest of their Life on what they saw- their whole Family being shot down in Cold Blood. I saw it, there was Blood everywhere….sheer horrible stuff, that is something I don’t want to see. I thought the Body was cut in half, because that is what it looked like.

    Just horrible and at the same time Bush is ringing in the Freedom to the World…you are right…I cannot see that happening, what I can see is more Deaths.

  2. cs Says:

    That is a terrible photo and a terrible thing to have happen.

    I don’t know why I feel contrarian today but all I have to point out is there must have been scenes like this even in the ‘good’ wars. Families were blown away by the progress of allied armies across France. Families were torn apart and even small boys were executed by Union armies crushing the south.

    In this case, this is a terrible atrocity. But, if Iraq really does become a stable democracy, then this sort of incident will probably be considered worth the price.

    And if Iraq turns out to be a useless tragedy like Vietnam, then I hope photographs like this will haunt Bush and his team to the end of their days.

  3. Jim Says:

    Worth the price to whom, exactly? I’m sure the child will never, never get over it. And nor should she. She should hate Americans for murdering her family. I hate Americans for murdering her family, and I’m an American. We’re disgraceful.

    I saw this picture while eating lunch at a restaurant and wanted to scream at these Republican idiots mindlessly stuffing their faces: “what the fuck is wrong with you?”

    If you want to know the difference between a liberal and a conservative ask about this picture. Conserveratives (or Republicans, whatever) don’t care. They simply don’t care. Go to LGF or Free Republic or whatever and see the glee these Facists greet these picture with. They love to see the blood-soaked children of their “enemies”. They love this, and that’s all you need to know about these scum.

    Not one of those thousands of conservative idiots is worth a single tear from this child.

    Not a single one.

  4. Mark Says:

    This posting immediately brought to mind an article by Katha Pollitt in the Nation:

    “Bittersweet Bomblets”

    Delivering freedom one bomb and bullet at a time…

  5. Craig Says:

    I still hold to my previous argument when it comes to highlighting civilian deaths involving US troops as opposed to the deliberate, calculated murder of civilians by the insurgents/terrorists.

    I had a more detailed response written, but it keeps getting blocked.

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