Weiler on Boxer on Rice

Thank God we have at least one senator from California with the balls to stand up to Condoleeza Rice. Jonathan Weiler of Fly Trap has some excerpts from Barbara Boxer’s questioning of the presumptive Secretary of State-to-be: In a clearing stands a Boxer.

He also links to the full transcript at the NYT, if you prefer your principled stands with their spineless context: Confirmation hearing of Condoleeza Rice.

3 Responses to “Weiler on Boxer on Rice”

  1. Jen Says:

    Yes, Thank God for Boxer. I praise her for being through on all the statements that Rice had made and Rice said she did not say that. Pretty shows all the contradictions that Rice made about “Mushroom Cloud and Nuclear Weapons.” I was happy that Boxer brought up the Soldiers and Iraq very often to the extent it made Rice uncomfortable.

    Well Rice should be uncomfortable since the Soldiers went to Iraq for no apparent reason except disposed reason of WMD’s….

    There are two other good Senators that asked good Questions about Iraq, there is Senator Kerry and Senator Biden.

    Go, Go !!! Good for them.

  2. Emma Goldman Says:

    Tbogg dubbed Rice the “Pia Zadora of the State Department.”

  3. jammo Says:

    Snap, crackle…..POP! You can almost hear the inevitable sound of democracy! A system where the majority sit back and watch the predominant, live large off of the many. Check out “Who’s responsible for this” on this Lies.com site. If you have what it takes, then you might be ready for a world of truth. You are smarter and stronger than you think! Remember nobody is perfect, but we could make it an important goal to strive for. Are you a chicken? Or could you be ready to stand up for the truth? I’m tired of being in this bowl of Rice Krispies. The snap, crackle, pop! will one day cease when we have absorbed too much milk……er B.S.

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