Jeanne on Tonight’s State Killing in California

Jeanne of Body and Soul reminds those willing to be reminded why the death penalty is wrong: Justice in California.

While we’re on the subject of our national obsession with killing people, look at the company we’re in: Thai jail plans death-row webcam.

A prison in the Thai capital, Bangkok, is planning to broadcast inmates’ daily lives, as well as their final moments before execution, live on the internet.

Rights group Amnesty International has criticised the plan, which prison officials say will deter criminals.

A spokesman for the Bangkwang prison said the scheme will highlight the risks of drug dealing, which carries the death sentence in Thailand.

Almost 1,000 of Bangkwang’s 6,000 inmates are on death row.

Thai authorities have mounted an aggressive campaign against drugs in recent years.

Thousands of people suspected of drugs offences have been killed during the crackdown, sparking criticism from human rights groups.

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