The Tokyo Sewer Gallery

I’m actually not sure if that’s what this is, but it’s pretty hypnotic stuff: Photo gallery. Some of them really look like they belong in a video game.

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  1. Sven Says:

    Nice. Too nice to be anything but computer generated. Where’s my flak cannon?

    In a related story, a guy in Australia bought a “virtual island”, all computer generated and completely in cyberspace for the equivelent of $26,500 real world dollars:

    What is our planet coming to when someone can fork over that kind of cash on a video game? Are we giving up on reality?

  2. Callum Says:

    Sven, don’t be too quick to jump on the CG band-waggon, go google it. It’s very much real, and tours are on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 1AM till 3. :-D

    I wonder if everything in Tokyo has that ‘CG-Glow’ ?

    -Callum Alden.

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