The Fulcrum, Unfogged on Betraying Our National Principles

A couple of items noting the ongoing shift of the US government in the direction of totalitarianism. From Charles2 of The Fulcrum: Fascism by degrees. And from Unfogged: Howdy, comrades.

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  1. Patriot Says:

    “Facism by degrees”
    Hmm. I’m not going to DEFEND “torture” but we must DEFINE it.
    How far should the US Military press enemy-combatants and/or captured terrorists for information that could save lives?
    One thing’s certain: Constitutional rights do not apply to foriegn enimies of the United States.

  2. Steve Says:

    Uh, sorry Clarence Darrow but the Constitution certainly does “apply” to enemies of the United States. It applies to EVERYONE the US Government seeks to prosecute or impose it’s laws upon.

    And we don’t have any need whatsoever to define torture: it is clearly defined in many, many treaties that the US is signatory to, including the Geneva Conventions.

    Oh, and you know all those pictures from Abu Ghraib? Those are pictures of torture. Torture being committed by Americans against helpless prisoners. Torture like Saddam did, like Stalin did, like Hitler did Americans are doing right now.

    Get it yet? Torture is WRONG, even if the evil bastards who do it proudly wear American flags on their uniforms.

  3. Patriot Says:

    Please forgive the typo. I meant to say “foreign enimas.” They’re not torture at all. I rather enjoy them.

  4. enkidu Says:

    wow – a sense of humor!
    who’d a thunkit?

    still… torture is wrong. we are the GOOD guys.

    curious what sir patriot thinks of the whole marine shooting a comatose prisoner thing?
    my take – there are extenuating circumstances, but the dude knew he made a mistake.
    read the fotog’s blog to see how horrible he and others felt when that whole evil scene went down… we have to prosecute and denounce anyone who thinks torture and terrorism are acceptable. Even our folks. Sad but true.

    makes me think of that great freewayblogger sign: If this was our policy (image of hooded iraqi with electrodes> then we are losing a hell of a lot more than a war.

  5. Charles2 Says:

    Thanks for the mention; regardless of whether you think our own laws apply to foreign fighters, they certainly apply to our soldiers and our agents. As enkidu said, we are the good guys; we should obey treaties – and our own laws – every time, every where.

    That’s what makes us the good guys.

    Patriot, you are nothing of the sort.

  6. onan Says:

    The Constitution applies to the United States government, not to any particular people on whom that government acts. If you feel that non-citizens are magically outside the reach of the Constitution, then you must also evaluate them as outside the reach of any acts of the United States government whatsoever.

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