Pandagon on Waxman on the Lying Abstinence Programs

You probably already saw a mention of this, but if not it’s worth a look. Congressman Henry Waxman has a new report out that shows that 11 of the top 13 abstinence program receiving federal funding (funding that has doubled under Bush) include blatantly false educational tidbits as part of their outreach efforts. Anyway, I’m linking to it via Pandagon because I like their title: Lies, lies, lies.

6 Responses to “Pandagon on Waxman on the Lying Abstinence Programs”

  1. Patriot Says:

    So is this an attack on the abstinence or the lies?

    What do YOU think our precious tax dollars should go to teach kids?

  2. Tuesday Says:

    The truth.

  3. TeacherVet Says:

    Consider the following, then do your own math and draw your own conclusions:

    Women’s right to choose cessation of off-spring life is a basic plank of the Democratic Party.

    Abortions are performed at the rate of almost 1.5 million yearly.

    The aborted children from 1973-1986 would have been of voting age in the 2004 elections.

    At today’s rate, the number of potential voters was decreased by almost 20 million from 1973-1986.

    Quite surely, the VAST majority of those “missing votes” would have been Democrat voters. Only two of my conjectoral basis: 1) They would have been reared in liberal-minded homes; it makes sense that those who choose abortion probably believe in abortion, hence, most are surely Democrats. 2)Those 20 million would have been in the youthful adult block that is primarily Democrat.

    Kerry lost the popular vote by 3.5 million votes, and he lost the presidency when he lost Ohio by only about 120,000 votes. I strongly suspect that there were enough votes recklessly cast aside (aborted) by reluctant Ohio moms in those 13 years (1973-1986) to overturn the result.

    Have Democrats “killed” their chances in future elections via abortion practices? Did abortion “sink John Kerry’s boat” in 2004 by eradicating voters in ’73-’76? What chances do Democrats have in the future if they continue to support/encourage the extermination of large percentages of their own voting block?

    Sarcasm – Perhaps women could apply for some kind of proxy vote or absentee ballot for their “missing children.” Surely some good lawyer could find a long-overlooked provision in the Constitution to accommodate a simple extention of “women’s rights.”

    The Democratic Party, if the data above are even close, have created their own kismet with their short-sightedness; gain some voters in the short run with the abortion issue, and lose massive numbers of potential voters in the long run, with no chance of reversal of those effects. Using today’s statistics, more than 4,000 additional potential Democratic voters in the 2024 election will be exterminated over the next three years. Can the DNC not do the math, or are they simply lacking in foresight?

  4. Patriot Says:

    Very interesting – killing each other off like that. Figures.
    Excellent point.

  5. Patriot Says:

    “the Truth” huh?
    So are you an absolutist?

  6. Patriot Says:

    Ho ho ho, so much for you athiests/socialists teaching the “truth.”

    Do a google news search for “evolution theory stickers judge georgia”

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