Bush Is Lord, Condi Is Pissed

Nice, clean, and to the point: Bush is Lord and Condi Rice is angry!!

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  1. ymatt Says:

    Haha. This is by far my favorite Condi picture:


  2. treehousehero Says:

    Check out this fair and balanced flash propaganda film, tht depicts Bush as the Antichrist on MT.rushmore, the heads of democratic leadership on posts, dead U.S. soldierson milk cartons and a crucified statue of liberty on the whitehouse lawn.

  3. Patriot Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The “Bush is Lord” site is funny. haven’t looked thru all the paraides linked to but if they’re as good as this one somebody at FOX might pick them up.

    Always interested in finding out what radical Leftists think of moderate conservatives like the President.

    That’s why I liked Charlton Heston’s “Planet of the Apes.”

  4. Patriot Says:

    Anybody seen any of the five “Planet of the Apes” movies?

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