In Which I Say Something about Bush, Just to Show I Still Can

In my memory of my recent posting behavior, I see a huge mass of Bush items in the runup to the election, and then a sudden near-total lack thereafter. So I thought I’d put it in graphic form, to see how accurate that was:

bush vs. non-bush postings at

Which actually isn’t as dramatic a fall-off as I’d imagined. At least it doesn’t look quite so much like that, especially given a little red from this item today.

Given that I’m counting this as a category-dubya item, though, I really ought to have some non-self-referential Bush content. So I offer you this: the most appropriate comment I can think of to make on Bush’s post-election activity so far. And yeah, I’m actually just posting the picture, rather than saying anything, because again, I don’t really have the heart, and it kinda speaks for itself anyway:

Sally Hemmings?

Onan said of this image something like, “Gee; did he kiss Colin Powell goodbye, too?” And then my wife, separately, said the exact same thing. So I guess a lot of people must have said that. Or maybe Onan and my wife are coordinating their comments behind my back. Which really seems pretty unlikely, if you know them.

I’m not sure what my posting behavior is going to be like going forward. I think it’s going to change, though. In the runup to the election I was pretty hot and heavy with the “I must trumpet the lameness of the Bush administration as an act of civic duty, that I might impel my fellow citizens to deliver a furious hiding unto him at the polls.” And unsurprisingly, I find that my interest in that has pretty much died, at least for the moment.

I guess the only point in my doing this, or at least the most worthwhile point in my doing it, is to continue to try to be as honest as I can about what I’m thinking. At the moment, those thoughts are still fairly thoroughly depressing. Like, for example, there were the thoughts inspired by the aforementioned Onan’s observation to me the other day that hey, I should cheer up: we’re only eight weeks or so away from the presumptive midpoint of the Bush presidency.

Sometimes I don’t like Onan very much.

2 Responses to “In Which I Say Something about Bush, Just to Show I Still Can”

  1. Luke Says:

    I know. It’s so stunningly depressing. When I didn’t see any postings for a week I was afraid you were folding up your tent. I’m glad you didn’t. It’s not going to be a fun four years. There are a lot of ideological battles we’re going to have to represent our side on and then lose. Over and over again. But if Kerry can go down to the floor of the Senate and refuse to go quietly into that good night then so can we.

    Dubya wants no limits to his power. Not the Geneva Convention, not the US Constitution, he doesn’t even like showing up for press conferences and explaining himself to the American people. And we are the minority opposition. But if dubya and the neocons aren’t challenged it will get really, really scary. We’re just going to have to be fiercely vigilant and nip his pants cuff whenever we can. And sites like are an important part of our ability to do that. Thank you!

  2. Colin Rowley Says: What can a conservative say about such a site?

    Well, may I just state, although I disagree with most everything being said, we are fortunate such sites exist to keep both sides “on their best behavior.” Thank you at least for that.

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