Publius, Aja on Dealing with Christian Conservatism

Here are a couple of interesting items to help us blue-America heathens try to get inside the heads of red America: First, from Publius of Legal Fiction: Fight Jesus with Jesus. And, from former Southern Baptist and reformed Christian conservative Aja: This is post #2.

2 Responses to “Publius, Aja on Dealing with Christian Conservatism”

  1. yian Says:

    regarding post #2:

    when the bits and pieces of Christian tenets end up being publicized and discussed on t.v. and in newspapers, what ends up happening is that the church is reduced down to simplistic terms where it’s easy to make characterizations and stereotypes. unfortunately, the average american viewer either doesn’t have the theological background or or the attention span to learn and understand why churchgoers think the way they do. you have whole Christian issues that need a good twenty minutes of discussion reduced down to an two-second sound bite.

    in the end, the church gets short shrift.

  2. Patriot Says:

    Hmm, I’d have to agree with that…. I think.

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