Fallujah 2.0

So, the US election is over, and Bush is now free to spend some of his political capital on the deferred re-invasion of Fallujah. And in his blunt-instrument way, he’s now making good on his promise to deal toughly, mano-a-mano, (well, by proxy, at least) with the foreign terrorists (or maybe the homegrown insurgents, depending on who you talk to) with which the city is infested. And, in the process, there will certainly be a great many other lives cut short, women and children maimed and blasted to little bloody innocent bits. And yes, I realize, that is the nature of war (or of terrorism, again, depending on who you talk to).

Anyway, while waiting for the glorious revving up of enthusiastic play-by-play from the militarily-enthused weblogger set, here are a few pieces I found interesting. First, from Joe at American Leftist: Foreign fighters. And from Charles2 at the Fulcrum: Military Operations on Urban Terrain and Entering Fallujah.

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