Eminem Mosh Video

Norm at onegoodmove points to both RealPlayer and Quicktime versions of Eminem’s new Mosh video. Even better with pictures! Eminem.

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  1. thomas Says:

    Thanks for leading me to this, very powerful.

    I never gave Eminem much of my attention, maybe I should.

  2. Steffen Says:

    I have been residing abroad throughout Mr. Bush’s presidency. And I have been following the mood of the country – as the rest of the world has been feeling mine anxiously for a clue – with a stethoscope from England. And it seems the stars and events are all converging to create one very unfortunate circomstance: a closely contested election with no one conceding defeat. In the days and weeks following this election, we may see violence not witnessed in America since 1992, only in many cities and states. And I have to say, honestly, that if the Republicans pull the same dirty tricks this election, I will not be the one to stand back and say “Calm down calm down. It’s just four years!” like I did in 2000. They’re not getting away with it his time. Is this why I spent 50 USD to fedex my absentee ballot to Harpswell, Maine? And I will be returning to Boston on November 16th. Please let it be over on November 3rd.

  3. rasmus klausen Says:

    i am a big fan of michael jackson and i think eminem needs to no i hate him for he did to mj fuck you eminem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . mj if ever r read no that i wil allways love you
    love rasmus klausen from demark

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