The Rude Pundit Gathers Readers’ Debate Questions

In the alternate universe I wish I lived in, Jim Lehrer would actually ask some of the following questions of Bush tonight (from the Rude Pundit’s What a desperate nation wants to know…):

Are your daughters excited about joining the military?

Do you believe that God loves non-Christians with oil reserves more than non-Christians without them?

Do you believe that Jewish, Muslim, agnostic and other American soldiers who have not accepted Jesus as their personal savior and that have been killed in Iraq will be allowed into Heaven?

Since you are a man of faith and certainly must find much guidance in the practice of the Ten Commandments, which Commandment do you find the most difficult to obey and which one do you most regret breaking?

Can you explain why Americans are safer with Saddam in prison?

What is the moral of My Pet Goat?

Sigh. A man can dream, can’t he?

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