Windsurfing Ad Was Photoshopped

Here’s a silly but vaguely interesting item, at least on a symbolic level, from the Mobjectivist weblog: Forgery exposed! Basically, he shows that the footage in the recent Bush ad showing Kerry windsurfing back and forth has been flopped, with the same footage being shown both correctly and mirror-reversed, to create the “flip flopping” imagery that the ad mines for laughs.

No, I’m not saying this is some huge scandal, or even particularly dishonest. But it’s an interesting symbol to me of the way the Bush team massages reality in conveying their message.

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  1. laughable Says:

    Of course it was a flip flop of the image. That was the point of the ad. Perhaps it was too subtle…Are you dense or just a democrat?

  2. John Callender Says:

    Heh. I actually never saw the commercial. They don’t bother airing it in my state, because there’s too many of us dense and/or Democratic types here.

  3. a.r.i.a.n Says:

    who cares about the jews anyway.

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