Lynn on Remote-Control Sex

From Gina Lynn writing in Wired comes this interesting item: Ins and outs of teledildonics.

Cybersex gets blamed for a lot of things, including social isolation, infidelity and divorce. It’s a temptation previous generations of lovers didn’t have to face, and it’s technology, and therefore it’s scary for a lot of folks.

Yet remote interaction technology — or, as I like to call it, teledildonics — has as much potential to bring people together as it does to drive people apart. If you travel often, or if you’re in a long-distance relationship, this technology provides another avenue for intimacy, especially if it’s harder for you to use toys with a partner than have sex au naturel.

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  1. David Callender Says:

    Like all technology, its proper use is very unclear. However, it may have a major impact on our view of sex.

    Who would have thought that the internet would have the wide impact that it has just started to have.

    Keep tuned in.

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