Why Haven’t They Asked Jon Stewart?

From Dail Kos: Sunday Morning Talk Show Open Thread – The Debate Debate

The debates should be moderated by someone of stature, probity and gravitas. Someone objective, fearless and decorated in the service of his craft. Why have they not asked Jon Stewart?

3 Responses to “Why Haven’t They Asked Jon Stewart?”

  1. Adam Says:

    Stewart would *kick ass* as the debate moderator. Now that would be worth watching.

  2. Tom Buckner Says:

    Problem is, Jon Stewart isn’t ‘balanced’ enough. For the Republicans. To understand what the GOP means when they say ‘level playing field’, take a foosball table, and put bricks under the legs on your end. Now call your opponent a whiner if he complains about how the ball keeps rolling into his goal. Don’t forget to take his lunch money and give the referee half.

  3. Tony D Says:

    Too funny!

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