Michael Moore Slaps Some Sense into the Troops

Michael Moore doesn’t want any more of this defeatist whining: Put away your hankies…

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  1. Tom Buckner Says:

    Hear, hear! It’s like the graphic I sent to Bartcop a few days back, that photo of Kerry’s Wisconsin rally (13,000 souls) with a box over on the right 1/3 of the picture labeled ‘Typical Bush rally’. Under the podium I captioned it “In a Free and Fair Election, W Can’t Win.”

    Point is, we mainly need to make sure it’s as free and fair as possible, and Bush is toast. Bush knows that.

  2. Thom Says:

    Let’s hope it is Free and Fair:

    “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader accused his Democratic rival Sen. John Kerry on Tuesday of being responsible for a campaign to try and keep him off the Nov. 2 ballot.

    Seen by many Democrats as the “spoiler” in the 2000 election that elected Republican George W. Bush as president, Nader’s campaign said it was fighting 21 legal cases in 17 states in a bid to get the consumer advocate on the ballot.

    Nader pointed the finger at Kerry and Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe for being behind what his campaign says is a program of harassment, intimidation and phony lawsuits that are costing tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

    “The ballot access has drained our time and our resources,” Nader told a news conference. “I have to hold Sen. John Kerry and Terry McAuliffe directly responsible.”

    The Kerry campaign did not immediately return phone calls asking for a response.

    Nader’s campaign played a tape they said was testimony by the head of the Democratic Party in Maine who is heard saying that the Democratic National Committee is paying for her time and expenses related to trying to keep Nader off the ballot.

    The Nader campaign said that kind of coordination appeared to be illegal and should be investigated by the Federal Elections Commission.

    Democrats around the United States have been challenging Nader’s presence on the ballot, fearing he will again boost Bush’s re-election chances by drawing votes that would otherwise go to Kerry.

    Judges in New Mexico and Arkansas have denied Nader access to the Nov. 2 ballot…

  3. Gunfighter Says:

    Kerry chose to use his Vietnam service as a keystone of his campaign to highlight his contribution. And he would put the spotlight on Bush’s “service”. As they argue about each other’s service they both are doing a disservice to the country by ignoring the issues. You can criticize Bush’s “service” but it is interesting to note that less than 10% of the draft eligible males during the 1964 to 1973 war years served in Nam. Less than 25% of those draft eligible served at all! Does that mean that 75% of the males between 50 and 60 years old today, did less than George Bush?

    Neither Messrs Moore nor Terry McAuliffe did a tour in the military, a peace time military by the way, so they should just shut up. Let’s discuss real issues and get off a 30 year old war. I’ve been trying to forget it for that long.

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