Michael Moore vs. Ann Coulter: A Tale of Two Conventions

In case you missed the performance art last night, the big story from the first night of the Republican Convention was how Michael Moore, merely by showing up, reduced the assembled hordes to frothing rage. The Washington Post has the story: Michael Moore joins the press — and gets some.

I especially like this part:

“I’m Dave Espo and I work for the Associated Press,” a veteran reporter thundered to the police. “This is our work space and we need to get our work done. Please get these people out of here!”

Am I the only one who can’t read that without thinking of Peter Sellers as the president in Dr. Strangelove shouting, “Gentlemen! You can’t fight in here! This is the War Room”?

I also love how the most-widely-disseminated image of Moore at the convention is of him making the “loser” sign at the conventioneers.

Here’s some video of McCain taunting Moore during the former’s speech: John McCain attacks Michael Moore.

Moore was there at the request of USA Today, for whom he’s covering the convention from the opposite-ideology perspective. USA Today previously asked Ann Coulter to cover the Democratic Convention, but when she turned in an embarrasingly sophomoric screed they fired her.

I think this is a great example of the difference between rabidly partisan Democrats and rabidly partisan Republicans: Coulter shows up at the Democratic Convention, is largely ignored, writes a ridiculously lame story and gets canned. Michael Moore shows up, and just by being there hijacks the carefully crafted script, since the party faithful have such an unreasoning hatred of the guy.

You Republicans really need to lighten up, you know?

As long as I’m smearing Republicans, I might as well link to these: From Daily Kos’ theoria: Republican jackass exposed as Republican jackass. And from the Village Voice, check out the ongoing RNC diary of a strip-club waitress.

Heh. Okay; back to reality.

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  1. a_stupid_box Says:

    Since the things I email never even receive a reply much less a posting, I figure I’ll just post the things I normally email as comments.

    First off, though I generally dislike Newgrounds.com, it beats hosting cached flash files on my machine. That said, everyone might want to check out “You are a Fucking Moron: Michael Moore” http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/189866

    It’s a bit harsh, however, considering the same people did one about Bush http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/131059 that’s equally brutal, they win points in my book for remaining objective.

  2. Craig Says:

    So in the quest toward further dehumanizing and demonizing the “enemy” the inference is made that Republicans (or at least the delegates and lobbyists) are rude, insensitive jerks who hang out at strip clubs.

    Can we have a reality check, admit that neither major political party has an ownership claim on having the nicest, most moral people within their party, and call it a day regarding such silly characterizations?

    I dare say that if Ann Coulter had produced a widely released documentary of Kerry’s Vietnam service and had mixed some truth in with a large amount of creative editing, tilted opinions and some outright factual distortions and lies, and then sat in a very noticable area of the media section during the Democratic convention, you’d have seen a very similar reaction by the crowd and a likely mention by a speaker.

  3. John Callender Says:

    See? That’s just what I’m talking about. You guys take this stuff too seriously.

  4. Craig Says:

    New definition of “irony”: John “Bush Dreamer” Callender giving advise on not taking things so seriously!!!

  5. John Callender Says:

    Heh. Touché.

  6. Anonymous Says:

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