Cheerleaders for Truth

It sounds kind of tacky, but it’s actually fairly well-done, if you take the time to read it: Cheerleaders for truth.

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  1. hossman Says: seems to have a fairly cheap hosting plan that shut them down rather quickly for being popular. So in the interest of keeping the message alive, here’s the text of the page according to the google cache…

    Cheerleaders for Truth

    “Did George Bush actually win a Varsity letter in Cheerleading at Yale? Or was this another “no show” like the National Guard?” current and alumni Yale cheerleaders are asking. “Why haven’t any member of Bush’s Cheerleading Squad come forward and verified that he actually attended practice and the games?”

    Note that the available pictures of Bush cheerleading, such as the ones at the right, have an “A” on his sweatshirt. These were taken when he was a cheerleader at his prep school – Andover Academy . Where are the pictures of his actual cheerleading at Yale?

    More importantly, did George Bush actually earn a Varsity Letter in Cheerleading, or was this, too, awarded to him (like his place in the freshman class) because of his wealthy family’s longstanding relationship with Yale? Were the injuries he supposedly sustained on the field athletic injuries, or did he hurt himself simply because he was intoxicated at the time?

    We, the Yale Cheerleaders for Truth, call upon Yale University President Richard C. Levin, to release the Yale Cheerleading Squad archives so that the American people can learn whether Bush’s Varsity letter was justly awarded.

    If any Yale Alumni served on the Cheerleading Squad with George Bush, or have pictures of President Bush actually leading the Cheerleading Squad at Yale, we urge you to come forward and present them to the public – and we will post them here.

    Contact Cheerleaders for Truth at

  2. rick pietz Says:

    The link seemed to work for me just now, and thanks for posting it. It just wouldn’t surprise me. Nothing about Baby Bush would surprise me anymore, except a show of competence.

  3. Tony D Says:

    Well I for one am surprised he makes the claim of having been a cheerleader! The dual images of him with a megaphone and in a flight suit just don’t mesh in my mind. Perhaps he’s more complicated than I thought.

  4. Sid B Says:

    This is a spoof! It isn’t real. Relax!

  5. Stephen Paylor Says:

    Maybe he’s trying to forget he was a cheerleader; that doesn’t fit with the macho image he’s trying to project.

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