Senator Ted Kennedy: Suspected Terrorist

Maybe now, people will start taking the the issues of TSA “secret lists” seriously: Ted Kennedy (the senator) has repeatedly been delayed in getting on flights because T. Kennedy (the suspected terrorist) has a similar name. The only reason he was ever able to get on the planes is because Airline supervisors recognized him, and the only reason he was ultimately able to get off the list was because Tom Ridge stepped in and personally took care of the matter. As Kennedy puts it: “How are [ordinary citizens] going to be able to get to be treated fairly and not have their rights abused?

Amazingly, Kennedy is not the only congressman to have this problem.

2 Responses to “Senator Ted Kennedy: Suspected Terrorist”

  1. Tom Buckner Says:

    Both Democrats. Enough said.

  2. droplister Says:

    I bet Senator Ted Kennedy huffed and puffed until they let him onto some private jet. Just curious, what was actually said instead of [ordinary citizens]?

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