Bush’s Rugby Suckerpunch

In honor of the hay the righties are making with Kerry’s statements about being in Cambodia at Christmastime in 1968 (which I, for one, am inclined to believe; illegal incursions being, well, illegal, I don’t consider the lack of confirming evidence especially suggestive), here’s an item on what George Bush was up to around the same time: George W. Bush sucker-punches a rugby opponent at Yale.

That Bush managed to raise eyebrows for playing dirty during a rugby match is actually pretty impressive, on some level. As the original op-ed piece in the LA Times indicated, dissemination of this photo might well help, rather than hurt, Bush’s election prospects. Americans love a bad boy, and all that.

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  1. Mosun Says:

    American’s love bad boys that are intelligent and honorable —
    NOT dumb a**holes.

    Bush’s photo just demonstrates that he’s not only an
    a**hole now, but he’s always been an A**hole!

    This also leads to me wonder how this idiot got into yale…

    I’m guessing daddy pulled some strings.

  2. John F. Says:

    of coruse Daddy pulled some strings, Daddy was big in the government and not just a Yale grad but a RICH yale grad

    They wouldn’t let a BUsh out of the family Legacy at Yale

  3. rick pietz Says:

    Actually, I prefer the version presented in Bob Harris’ update that:

    I’ve heard from a few rugby players who conjecture that what we’re seeing, while unsportsmanlike and a clear foul (Bush has left his feet and made contact above the shoulders), might be the moment immediately after a incompentently-made dirty tackle, with the arm coming down, instead of the moment before an incompetently-thrown dirty punch, with the arm coming up.

    I think it comes down to the fact that I’m so prejudiced against him, that I can’t imagine him doing anything competently – including cheating – with sole exception of never having to ‘personally’ face the consequences of his incompetence. So far, I seem to have history on my side.

  4. Ron Says:

    I play rugby, and I wanna clear a few things up. I’m not what you’d call a huge Bush supporter (hell, I think he’s a moron…Badnarick in ’04), but what I don’t like is people who have never seen a Rugby ball drawing assumptions from this photo. First, Rugby is a rough sport, and you have to remember that Rugby was a lot rougher in Bush’s day than it is today. Even so, it’s not uncommon for players to throw punches, kicks, or to drive their cleats into their opponents in rucks (I have a scar on my right thigh from such an incident). Even with the brutality, the rule about high tackling wasn’t instituted until after he graduated, and even so we can clearly see that the tacklee has his knees bent. Now, whether he was crouching (which, in turn, would make a “high” hit more incitendal than anything else) or not is something that cannot be determined by the photo alone; one would have to have seen the play from beginning to end. Furthermore, we cannot tell if Bush was going for a peice of the jersey (which is perfectly legal) or if he was trying to hit the guy.

    And if you don’t follow any of that, or think I’m just a huge Bush guy, if you follow this link;(http://www.snopes.com/politics/bush/rugby.asp)
    you can see the photo with two different captions. With photo editing today, it wouldn’t be hard to change a caption to suit one’s political view.

    (Badnarick in 04!!!)

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