Body and Soul on Hersh’s Latest Child-Abuse Charges

Jeanne of Body and Soul talks about a speech that journalist Seymour Hersh gave recently to the ACLU, in which he went into more detail about the allegations of child abuse at Abu Ghraib: The thing with feathers. She quotes from a video of Hersh’s speech that is available online (Hersh’s part begins at about 1:07:48; the part quoted below begins at about 1:31:30):

The boys were sodomized, with the cameras rolling, and the worst above all of them is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking — that your government has. And they’re in total terror it’s going to come out.

I know reader Thom has been interested in this story. I realize this isn’t additional confirmation; just more detail from one of those who has already been talking about it.

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