A Wee Experiment

For my next lies.com posting, I have in mind something different. I intend to try to argue myself into voting for Bush.

In making the case, I will only use arguments that I think are actually valid. (Remember, I’m trying to convince me.) I will endeavor to honestly make the best case I can. No pulling punches. No cheating.

I’m not sure why I want to do this. It just seems like an interesting exercise. I’d find it even more interesting if I could talk one or more of the Bush-supporters around here (actually, I’m not sure there are any, but I think there might be a few) to post a similar piece making the best case they can for Kerry. I’m curious how the resulting arguments would compare to those that candidates’ actual partisans make on their behalf.

Anyway, stay tuned for that.

6 Responses to “A Wee Experiment”

  1. Horst Says:

    Go for it, I couldn’t think of one thing.

  2. AnoCan Says:

    Actually, it’s funny you should ask this question. As a Canadian who is watching this whole sad mess from the sidelines, and has no real “investment” in what you guys do, I actually found myself hoping that Bush *does* win the election in November.

    Why? Well, another four years of Bush will so badly damage the credibility of the Republican party that it will take a generation or two to recover. Hell, at the end of his first term, Bush has already run out excuses for his idiocy. He’s already got a mini-revolution on his hands in the GoP, as we saw with the recent Gay Marriage issue.

    Swing voters and rational republicans are already jumping ship. Your international prestige has never been lower. Americans are now hated around the world. The more time progresses, the more obvious it will be to everyone that this path is madness. Another four years of Bush and only the most dyed-in-the-wool Republicans will be left in the party, and the party will have a leprous reputation for callousness, brutality, greed, and deception that will endure for decades.

    The USA and the GoP is already a running joke around the world. Another four years and you will have yourselves the political Vietnam: a chance for introspection and humility that may very well change you for the better — forever.

    Of course, this is easy for me to say, since I don’t actually have to live in your country — so I don’t have to have Bush as my president, and I don’t have to endure the animosity and loathing of the rest of the world.

    But if you’ve got the guts to take some temporary pain to permanently torpedo the GoP, then… bring him on!

  3. AnoCan Says:

    Oh, and also as long as you don’t have a son or daughter in the military.

  4. Horst Says:

    you mean a bit like the shambles of the Tories, but the only flaw is, without a decent opposition oneends up with New Labour/Tory Lite.

    no thanks, what has the world done to deserve another four years of W.

  5. Adam Says:

    It’s funny, because conservatives feel it’s the left that’s self-destructed (with their help, of course), and that the left will disappear in short order as a political force of any significance. Among the politically active in this country, there really are two completely separate, parallel worlds.

  6. Jenny Says:

    I’m going way out on a limb here without any proof of anything, but here’s a case for being pro Bush. Let’s assume Bush knows what he is doing and has our country’s future in mind when he makes decisions. Okay, I’ve read a lot about peak oil and the fact that in the last 100 years, we have depleted over one half of all the fossil fuels on the planet. Over the last 100 years we have seen a world wide population boom due to our ability to produce tons of food and improve living conditions for more people. The world is completely dependent on oil to sustain its population. The theory is that in the next 100 years, we will run out of oil. There will not be enough oil to sustain the world population and about 90% of the worlds human population will die out. It happens all the time in nature when a species reaches its carrying capacity and does not have enough resources to sustain the population. It is then survival of the fittest. Supposing that Bush knows all this information and wants to preserve the future of America. It would be in his best interest to secure all worldwide oil sources for future American use – the REAL reason for being in Iraq. I am not a Bush supporter – just wanted to share an idea I had. There is also a theory that the quicker the oil is used up, the less people will have to suffer because the die off would happen sooner – because the population is still exponentially increasing.

    Just some thoughts.


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