The Marshmallow Terrorist

I admit it, I get all of my news from the Daily Show, which is where I heard about the “Marshmallow Terrorist“.

It’s a good thing we have Federal Marshals performing random warrant checks on people entering the country, otherwise we never would have caught this vicious, vile, 32-year-old Wyoming woman who never paid a year-old $50 fine from Yellowstone. And it’s a good thing they carry leg shackles so they could keep her from escaping when they dragged her off her cruise ship at 6:30 AM (in her nightgown) … not to mention during the 9 hours they kept her locked up.

Oh wait, she paid the fine? the same day she got the citation?

Oops. Our bad.

Umm. I guess we should probably take those shackles off now.

2 Responses to “The Marshmallow Terrorist”

  1. Daemous Says:

    I love the expertise and judgement of the DHS.
    I gotta start tivoing the daily show.

  2. AnoCan Says:

    Silly human, didn’t you know? Everyone is a potential terrorist, so everyone must go to jail.

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