Adam Ponders Youth Voting Trends

This post brought to you with instant commentary courtesy the panel of experts I hang out with in Ishar.

You say, “
Yserbius laughs uproariously at you.
Hiro laughs uproariously at you.
Lucy smirks at you.
Lucy says to you, “not true, but ok.”
You say, “adam is cool.”
You say to Lucy, “oh, it’s not true?”
You snap your fingers.
Lucy says to you, “they have no way of knowing the demographics of who voted in the AI finale.”
You wave a dismissive hand at Lucy.
Lucy says to you, “the 60 million is probably the overall vote count.”
Lucy says, “and i’d suspect a damn lot of those were kids under 18.”
Beck says, “yeah, 40 million of those were probably people in the 12-16 range”
Chuckling, Lucy nods at Beck.
Lucy says, “yeah, supposedly 65 million votes total.”
Hiro says, “And I keep reading that a good chunk of votes are cast by individuals with access to large phone banks.”
Hiro says, “Like guys at ISPs with huge modem pools.”
Hiro hums innocently.
Beck chuckles at Hiro.
Lucy chuckles.
Lucy says, “yeah, that’s been rumored since the first season.”
Hiro says, “And as I recall, the call volume at SBC and Verizon actually spiked to something like 10x what the received calls were.”
Hiro says, “Meaning 90% of voters get busy signals.”
Hiro says, “Or at least 90% of calls end in busy signals.”

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