The Wedding-cum-Safe-House Attack

I’ve been following this story, but I just haven’t felt like posting about it. I guess I haven’t felt like I have anything in particular to add to it. If you look at things they way I do, you probably have a certain opinion about what this story means. If you don’t, you don’t.

Maybe I’ve gotten tired of the way those who interpretations of events have been proven wrong so many times over the course of the war persist in arguing that this time the facts on the ground will surely bear out their side’s version of reality. Yeah, well, whatever. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see about that, won’t we?

Anyway, we blew up a compound near the Syrian border where a bunch of foreign terrorists were hiding out on their way into Iraq. Or maybe we killed 40 or so innocent wedding guests, including many women and children. Or just maybe, per military spokesman Mark Kimmitt, we killed a bunch of terrorists who just happened to be attending a wedding. For those still capable of being influenced by evidence, video footage has been released that seems to bear out the wedding part of the story, at least: AP: Video shows Iraq wedding celebration.

2 Responses to “The Wedding-cum-Safe-House Attack”

  1. rick pietz Says:

    Just how many enemies and how much bad press can you generate in two months?

    I don’t know, but I’m pretty astounded. Didn’t Baby Bush write “How to win friends and influence people”, during his short, and approved, sabatical from the ANG?

    I guess I always operated on the theory that ‘the less people that wanted me dead could be plced on the positive side of the ledger’, instead of thinking that ‘if everyone hates you than enemy identification becomes pretty binary: Not you’.

  2. David S Says:

    If you consider the facts, this raid is still pretty
    outrageous. Probably another case of faulty
    ‘intelligence’ used by an informer for revenge on this
    poor family. The number of children and women
    killed is not disputed. Basically it was a massacre
    at 3:00 am in the morning when no one could escape.
    If this alleged ‘safehouse’ was really used by terrorists,
    why not just arrest the owners, find proof, and apply
    the law in a court of ‘justice’. Instead, we just
    assassinate them in the middle of the night like
    dispicable cowards. We have become our own worst enemy.

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