John Brady Kiesling: Victory Through Defeat

I get a fair number of reader submissions, most of which I choose not to run. That’s not meant as a knock on the submitters; their submissions are often interesting and noteworthy, but they just fail to get me inspired enough to go through the effort of posting them.

This one came in this morning from reader Alex, and I just now got around to checking out the links he sent. And was promptly blown away.

Hi, thanks for an excellent site!

Did you read an article by John Brady Kiesling in May 9th Washington Post (Outlook section)? I loved it, it has dozens of very insightful observations, and most importantly, it presents the only more or less realistic plan of ending this war with minimal damage. Here’s the URL:

And here’s online discussion with the author:


Kiesling’s voice of reason is a reminder that there are actual grownups, people of intelligence and experience and integrity, in this country. Just not so much in the ranks of our current political leadership. But they do exist, and there’s hope in that.

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  1. Doug Sparks Says:

    Kiesling’s voice is a voice that needs to be heard, He is a true patriot and proof that there are some still out there defending true american values.

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