Rock Against Bush

I really love the whole concept of HyperText.

As a member of the Sum41 Fan Club, I got an email the other day letting me know about Rock Against Bush Vol .1. It sounds like it will be a sweet rock/punk CD, packed full of some great songs you know, and a ton of new tracks written by bands who (as Canadian Sum41 put it in their newsletter) feel they “just can’t sit quietly and watch that idiot fuck up your country and the rest of the world.”

So why do I love HyperText?

While preparing this little blurb, I noticed the link to, where I discovered:

God bless the Internet, and God bless America Burma

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  1. a_stupid_box Says:

    If Sum41, or the myriad of other nu-metal clones that are participating in the “Rock against Bush” concert tour didn’t suck, I might be enthusiastic about this.

    Instead, this will just drive away people who have “taste” in music. The vast majority of those who go to see these venues will be plenty vocal that Bush sucks, assuredly, but won’t bother to take time away from skateboarding and eating their “x-Treme” marketed soda and candy in order to vote. They won’t even REGISTER to vote unless a tent is set up at the concerts.

  2. Kevin F Says:

    sum 41 sucks, but you suck worse. Rock against bush is the shit, and if you don’t like skateboarding, don’t skateboard. Whore

  3. brandon c Says:

    1) sum 41 suck. they ruin this complilation.

    2) this cd is going to be good, and the cause is good. it doesn’t only support the tour, it supports ads against bush.

    ps: the new songs by the get up kids, alkaline trio, and rise against promise to be good.

  4. nugz Says:


  5. Pro-Bush American Says:

    Get a life. Quit being whiny punk bitches. America is for Americans, not you people who think American sucks even though you live here and cherish our freedom. Fuck Off.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    America is for Americans, but somehow always fucks up 3rd World countries and bosses around rest of the World.

    Grow the fuck up.

  7. punkshatebush Says:

    found this doin a search, but the cd is pretty good. the sum 41 song isnt as bad as there other stuff. everything cept the denali song is good. and the guy that was sayin american is for americans, what the fuck. America was founded by people who didnt like their goverment, we dont like our government, were not gunna found a new counrty or go to war with conservative america, but hey its called free speech, if you dont like it then you dont fall under your own thoughts

  8. Allison Says:

    I cant wait for this cd…anything that can get him out of office is great!!! and whats up with every hatin on sum 41?

  9. alex Says:

    this comp might be good musicaly, but the idea pushes is stupid. kids dont have opiņons of there own. please dont spoon feed them this anti bush garbage because they’ll buy it not knowing what they are told. kids wont learn nthe actual issues and will be blindly biased. if you dont really know why or who to vote for please DO NOT VOTE, it is better for this country to have populous of EDUCATED VOTERS rather than mass votes by MTV influenced people (brainless)

  10. alex Says:

    do any of you children even know why you hate pres Bush, or do you do so because these bands do grow up. mauch respect to all the bands on the cd but shut up and sing, people with the ability to think for themselves dont need any artist’s opiņion. SHUT UP AND SING

  11. Christen Says:

    well, what’s good about this CD is that it comes with a DVD to help inform people what the anger against Bush is all about giving the MTV kids a chance to actually be educated and entertained at the same time. I mean, really, Jello’s on it, how can you go wrong ?

  12. Concerned Adult Says:

    Keep it up. Talk about WHY we should rock against bush. Don’t listen to the idiots and the american sheep that follow the administration without thinking. Good luck to you all, the leaders of tomorrow. THINK.

  13. Aaron Fleming Says:

    Rock against bush is awesome, stop hatin it

  14. Nomen Nescio Says:

    Got my Rock Against Bush Vol 1 in the mail today. I’m not a big punk/hard rock fan but it is not bad. Besides the CD with 26 songs there’s also an included DVD which has a couple music videos (Anti-Flag – Turncoat, Bad Religion – Sorrow, Strike Anywhere – Infrared, and NOFX – Franco Un-American), several of the 30 second commercials from MoveOn.Org’s Bush in 30 Seconds contest, a comedy segment from David Cross, and trailers from Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War, Unprecidented: The 2000 Presidential Election, and No More Enrons.

    Well worth the money I paid for it.

  15. steve Says:

    Chris Rock said it best… A black C or D student cant even become president of Burger King, but a white D student can somehow become president of the USA. Seriously guys, anyone who likes Bush needs to open their eyes.

    and i have the cd. It is easily the best cd that 2004 has produced so far. 2 friends of mine have it, they both love it. It comes with a dvd, and 26 songs. If you go to the record company’s website, you can get it for 6 bucks. You must get this wonderful CD.

  16. beanie Says:

    if 40 million people vote the destiny of the world for 4 years … at least make sure they choose to vote somebody how doesn’t fuck it up too much!!!

    great job fatty

  17. Dani Says:

    OK guys, really, SUM 41 does not matter. didnt you read the little insert….fuckers. i wish i didnt have to use what they said, but its put best, its not about who is the most punk, or who is not, its about uniting to stop this tyrant Bush. it not about keeping it exclusive and calling people posers cuz of this or that. damn, and its not even about being hating bush to be”punk”. please, buy it if you like even a few bands on the comp, it all goes to a good cause. seriously…and anotehr thing, its very easy to ignore what the republicans have to say, cuz we(or at least i) might think its all lies. but what will actually help is sitting down with em and talking about what you believe. no more of this ignorance shit…ok im really rambling, and i could go on and on, but thats enough. if any of you wanna email me..for whatever reason, its

  18. eric Says:


  19. sewermonkey Says:

    who here can actually tell me they read the cd case insert with the 40 reasons or watched the dvd

  20. sewermonkey Says:

    who here can actually tell me they read the cd case insert with the 40 reasons or watched the dvd. if your gonna just keep fighting about the frigging sum 41 thing, then theres no point in buying the cd. you want it because of the bands. I agree its good but the bands are doing it for a reason.

  21. sewermonkey Says:

    idk why that posted twice, or some of it at least

  22. InfoMinister Says:

    The Jello Biafra tune and the No W song from Ministry are the best ones on the entire album. I got it just for those two songs.

  23. christen Says:

    Jello’s coming to speak at my school saturday ! Can’t fuckin’ wait bitches !

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Can anyone back up their hatred with reliable, proven sources? Have you even read anything that you fight against?

    I bet the majority of you are against the Patriot act, and have never read a single paragraph, or even know that PATRIOT is an acronym. Or read any of the 911 “commission” transcripts, or actually looked at the war records people are talking about. But yet you say you know better, you know what you fight for, when in fact, you don’t. I don’t care if you disagree with me, but at least be FOUNDED in what you disagree with, not what you just hear on ABC news. THINK FOR YOURSELF MORONS

  25. shannon Says:

    seriously, do any of you know what you are talking about? You think you vote Kerry in we are going to get out of Iraq? I do not think so. He talks about how we will have other countries come in and aid us. but does he ever say what countries are going to? NO. He acts like he is for the average American, when he is marriaged into a very rich family. He says he is for the environment, when he has a “gas guzzling” SUV, and yacht. He says he is going to change American companies going to other countries, when the one company (Heinz) that he has stock in which means that he has a say in things, he does not stop them from production in other countries. Kerry burned his metals from Vietnam, was in a magazine with the American flag upside down, he is anti-American. When Clinton wanted to balance the budget it was Kerry who voted against it. Also, to all of you who trash talk Bush calling him the next Hitler, please leave this country. America will do much better without you. Be proud to live in this country. Yes I do not agree with everything that President Bush does, but I still stand behind my President, and behind my troops. Oh and about the Weapons of Mass Destruction, they were transported somewhere else. Are you happier that Saddam has been captured? I know I am, what he did to his people, the massive killings, the rapings, and what he could have done to America or any other country. Many of you need to get your facts straight and get your information from other sources not just CNN and MTV, stations by the way that are very liberal and anti-Bush. So all in all, if you are a democrat, please vote Nader.

  26. christen Says:

    oh, where to start …

    I suppose I’ll begin by saying that I may vote for Kerry (he has to prove himself first), I may vote for Nader (who probably shouldn’t be running because many people are unfairly blaming him for what happened last time.. But on the other hand I hope he shakes stuff up a bit and raises some issues that are important to address besides all this bullshit about throwing medals over fences or Bush being a rich pussy and skipping out on military responsibilities and such). However there is NO WAY that I’m letting that awful spawn of Barbara (aka “a tank with eyes”) back into office again so he can:

    (a) make gay marriages illegal at the federal level

    (b) put 3 new fundamentalist christian supreme court judges into power so they can pass such things as laws against abortion FOREVER

    (c) continue to allow deregulation of environmental laws

    (d) continue to let Clear Channel fuck us all over.. (as a music biz major, this is something very dear to my heart)

    etc. etc. etc. That shit’s UN AMERICAN (especially ‘a’, don’t even get me started .. idiot)

    My point is, I’d rather take my chance with someone who might not be evil, rather than someone who is obviously an asshole and will do everything God “tells him” to do whether it’s good for us or not (even if it means starting wars with korea, china, afghanistan, etc.) ..

    NOTE: Bush is so hardcore christian that i am very much worried, because don’t people like that want to get to rapture ? be closer to god, that sort of thing.. but wait, doesn’t armaggedon come before rapture ?

    Has the Bush Administration ever even HEARD the word NEGOTIATION ?? And second of all, you can’t win a “War on Terror”, Israel has been trying that since the beginning of time, it hasn’t worked out too well.

    You spend all this money on $400,000 special fax machines (so they don’t get sand in them .. try a plastic bag) and other such ridiculous expensive crap for a war when education is going down the tubes and then wonder why most of the population doesn’t even know what John Ashcrack’s job is.

    Maybe I’m just irate because my age’s employment rate is the highest at 16% and when i graduate from college in a year i don’t want to have to move back with my parents.

    Patriotic means loving this country and wanting the best for it and it’s people. I can not stand by and watch these rich dealmakers go and destroy it. They piss on all the other countries so that I’m at constant risk of being blown up and I can’t even travel to Europe without getting spat on. They’re right to hate us. How can we let people like that be in public office ? don’t you people vote at your local elections ? it starts there, we need a strong foundation. everybody’s so selfish anymore, once you buy a house and get kids it’s all about “me, me, me”. I deserve the huge H2 (, and “to hell with that mom and her kids in that honda that i just totaled because i was talking on my cell, she shouldn’t have been in one of those terrorist foreign cars”.

    How about a little compassion ? what ever happened to giving back to the community ? get your pets spayed or neutered.. you know.

    This is what our country lacks and I hope that my demographic of 18-24 year olds will take a stand at all these elections and actually make a difference. Don’t give me that crap about “my vote doesn’t count” .. if only 1% more of us had voted in the last presidential election, Bush would not be in office. It just takes a little of “getting off your ass” mentality. Put down your Coors or Budweiser (they taste like shit anyway) and actually do something. Believe me, you’ll be much better off.


    We could support our troops by bringing them home. Iraq doesn’t want us there anyway, they need to figure things out for themselves, they’re not going to be happy if we just do everything for them. When we came from Europe (to get away from the church, remind you), we didn’t have somebody establish a government for us. Our fore fathers did it themselves. We have a story, and that’s what the Iraqis need (see John Stewart).


    Yes Saddam was an shifty bastard (and we didn’t do anything to stop him these many years, remind you, about those rapings and killings) and I’m glad he’s caught. He’s probably having the time of his life getting beaten by our government.

  27. SkaPunker Says:

    Sum 41 may suck but it might get some of my less cool friends to like better bands and get against that idiot son of an asshole

  28. Anonymous Says:

    you are so liberal gay marriage should be outlawed. You also probably want the Pledge of Allegiance changed becasue it has the word “God” in it. And our fore fathers created that too. But I guess we should change everything just because more liberal assholes think it is against their right to have to believe in God. Give me a break. If we get rid of the pledge we will end up having to change our currency. But, you really dont hear people complaining about that do you? Oh about the foreign cars. We shouldnt buy foreign cars, it hurts our economy by taking work from others down the line. It is all interconnected. Oh, and I hope we go to N. Korea next. And Isreal is actually a recent nation. The Jews have been around forever, but not the nation of Isreal (that nation infact declared independence in 1948). Bush gave Saddam an ultimatum which in a way is negotiation.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    im glad everyone is exercising their right of free speech, but seriously, shut the fuck up, its just a cd- bitches

  30. christen Says:

    bah, so i’m liberal .. so what ? at least i care about this country and what it’s supposed to stand for.


    I understand that marriage is a religious institution. And if it’s against your beliefs to marry two people of the same sex, then you don’t have to do it. However, civil unions should be allowed so that gay couples have the same legal benefits as the crazy straight people. We shouldn’t treat them like they’re less of a citizen just because they live a different life than people are used to. Secondly, if you know your American history, you will realize that issues like this should be regulated at the state level. The residents of each state will vote and decide for themselves. We don’t want the Federal Government to regulate these civil issues, making decisions for us. Let the people decide.


    First of all, I could care less if God was in our Pledge of Allegiance. I don’t need to recite that shit if i don’t want to, I’ll pledge my allegiance another way. The same with money, whether “In God We Trust” is printed on my cash doesn’t affect me.

    You don’t here me complaining. But I do have a problem when it’s rich special interest groups that fuck shit up for all of us when they help get Bill Maher off the air (so now I can’t watch my favorite show because I don’t have HBO), or censor music, radio, education, and anything else they can get their hands on. Talk about forcing your values onto someone else. It’s those kinds of people that create flaming liberals.


    Here are my major problems with the 2 and a half car companies that we have here in the US:

    1. They’re cars are crappy! They need to be repaired SO much more often than hondas or toyotas.

    2. They’re damn expensive (in more ways than one .. tag price and all the gas that I have to put in the damn thing because it only goes 20mpg)

    3. Granted, they are getting better, but there’s much less of a choice in quality cars from US companies than in overseas products.

    4. Japan buys bonds from our government all the time, they’re the people that buy the most from our government. They do this in order to keep their currency down so that their prices are lower to us. They give us money so we’ll give them money. Sounds like a nice agreement to me.

    5. Besides the fact that GM and Ford make crappy cars is the point that I wouldn’t buy from them anyway because they’re money-mongering bastards. They’re one of the main reasons that we have no jobs in this country, because they keep deporting all our labor. They can just go down to Mexico and pay $0.80 an hour to make their “American” cars. They don’t give a shit about employing Americans, they just want to keep making more and more money. This is one of the reasons we should have an international minimum wage.


    ha, you do it our way, or we’re going to come in there and fuck shit up. We should’ve done this earlier when Iraq invaded Kuwait back under King George I. He’s killed a lot of people between then and now.


    I didn’t literally mean the “State of Israel” as it is known now, but that whole area, even before it was called Israel.

    For some interesting reading, so you can continue to sit on your high horse.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    why didnt CLinton go in there?

  32. Christen Says:

    because he was too busy bombing kosovo ..

    great CD, i love it .. but the point of it is to get people interested in this political stuff, it’s really not that boring, i promise

  33. Mike Says:

    And the US wonders why the rest of the world hates it! No offence to those of you who have posted readable, intelligent messages (both left and right wing) but for the rest of you…maybe the rest of the world should support your cause of getting rid of unAmerican liberals so the rest of you can live under a ‘democratic’ government that gives no money to its people (oh wait, maybe it DOES give money…are you white and rich?) and will eventually launch a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ only to realise that some (patriotic, gun-toting, aryan, God-loving) twat has pressed the wrong button and it’s the US that’s blown up.

    Then again, I’m one to talk – we’ve got friggin’ Blair.

  34. Caveman Says:

    Nice link there Christen, those “rape” photos you found are off some damn porn site in Hungary and the ones of the UK troops are under investigation for being hoaxes. Way to do your research slick.

  35. Caveman Says:

    In case you don’t belive me here’s a link to an article:

  36. Caveman Says:

    And I just checked out the wonderful “Vote F*cker” website. I like how the u was replaced by a commie red star.

  37. Caveman Says:

    And I just checked out the wonderful “Vote F*cker” website. I like how the u was replaced by a commie red star.

    Oh, don’t worry, I do vote.

  38. Christen Says:

    my bad.

  39. Christen Says:

    ah, such is life.

  40. DieGOPDie! Says:

    As far as compilations go, this one is musically quite good. And an eye-opener for dickwad ignorant fuckheads who have not been paying attention for the past 4 years. Guess what? If GW is re-elected, we wage war. I kid you not. The next Civil Fucking War! and anyone wearing a GOP (Greed, Oil, Pollution) badge gets put against the wall and shot right at the outset of the revolution. So get with the people or die, fuckheads. I will kill a Republican with fucking glee!

  41. goppunker Says:

    You would only be able to kill us if George is re-elected because Kerry would take away your gun.

  42. politics suck ass Says: is propaganda

    they receive help from which is funded directly by Democrat billionaire George Soros

    Jello Biafra is a whore for a billionaire WOW!

    Fat Mike is a fat whore! WOW!

    And just you all know ‘I VOTED for CLINTON’ and I hate that bastard.
    Bush is a saint compared to Cliton.

  43. smoke weed Says:

    Sum41 are Canadians so they should really shut the fuck up about American politics.

    That little Deryck Wibbly bitch spit in some dudes face.

    If I was that guy I would have killed that little ugly troll dwarf sonofabitch.

  44. Son of Liberty Says:

    Bush speaks of faith, but his biggest political practice has been pre-emptive war? This is why the countless wars in the east have been waged from the dawn of time to tomorrow morning, because we have failed to achieve a basic fundamental attribute of humanity which is faith in our fellow man. Faith that they may change, or at least the faith that they may not attack us. Bush is not even capable of this simple degree of faith, yet he beleives his faith is so devout that he can actually hear gods voice, and claims to understand it.
    I ask you Conservative Republicans, do you think you are doing our great country of the united states (notice it’s not empire but country) of the United States a service by supporting a president who undermines everything our star spangled banner stands for? He speaks of Freedom, yet he has taken on such quests as attempting to outlaw gay marriage (which accomplishes nothing except for needless oppresion of harmless people), or manipulating the media to control what portion of the picture we see (You can call his dealings with Clear whatever you want, but it is infact manipulation via monopoly. say what you want about values, and valor, but don’t try to tell me that this jingoistic, underhanded good ol’boy who abandoned his post in vietnam has either. Conservatives, I beg of you to stop being so scared. why are you so determine to let the terrorist’s win by running into the arms of a liar who will tell you the boogy man is coming but not when, where, how or even who he is?
    My life and the lives of countless other young americans are on the line of this election. Bush is already trying to reinstate the draft. If he succeeds, North Korea is next. Then only his warped vision of god knows what’s after that.

    P.S. If we have the right to take control of Iraq and completely redo it’s government and way of life, we can take alittle bit of constructive criticism from another country…. Even Canada. Rock on All. I’m gonna go back to listening to it’s the end of the world as we know it. Cause I don’t feel fine.

  45. stopyabitching Says:

    lol his name is bush. i got it all figured out bear with me kerry is really the joker, and on election day batman will bat a rang him then show us that bush is non other then the riddler we where all fooled.


    First of all BUSH SUCKS ASS!!!! and Its the ROCK AGAINST BUCH CAMPAIGN and it kicks ass!! Kerry rocks !! AND SUM 41 can say what ever the fuck they want so you fuckers better shut the fuck up !! It’s punk rock bands against bush so obviously you’re not punk and should shut the hell up before you get your ass’s kicked by a punk rocker

    Obviously you bush ass holes want to lose jobs to people over sea’s b/c you don’t give a damn where you work or how much you make.

    Gay Marriage is dicusting and should be baned I don’t wanna see that shit !!!!!!!! please stay in the closest

    All I have to say is I DON’T WANNA BE AN AMERICAN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  47. Ben jordan Says:

    Ok, this one is for the dude from pro bush america up ahead on this page. Your sayin all this shit about americas for americans. Our country was founded on the idea that the people have the right to question and change the government. We FUCKIN HATE BUSH, and his actions speak for himself, hes one of the worst presidents of all times. If you wanna argue that go ahead, but i will not sit by and let you argue my patriotism. Im questioning the government, and together us punk rockers are gonna attemp to change it. And by doing so, we are more american than you will ever be, sitting there, thinking everything is always fine. Oh and by the way, you say all us punk rockers are whining. Well let me tell you something, punk rock is not whining, its speaking out ya bitch, we are raising our voices, and using music to do so, so shut your mouth. Oh and bush won, i hope your happy, now were free to consume as much as we want with no consequences…GO AMERICA…YA FUCKER! The cd rocks, the second rock against bush rocked, and punk rocks.

  48. Ben jordan Says:

    Oh ya, and this is for another one of those bush guys, that was saying shit about how we hate bush, and the patriot act, but know nothing about it. As a matter a fact bitch, i know alot about that act, and i know it give the government the right to legally search your house without a warrant, which was a constitutional right…broken. And about what you said, think for ourselves. I know more about politics, and the shit bush pulled than you will ever know, alot of my friends are republicans, alot of my parents friends are, my parents arent nearly as liberal as i am. We do think for ourselves, think man, how do you know that were not, i could say the same thing about you…moron.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    this is to that punking princess: oh my fucking god gays should be able to do whatever the hell they want. its like the freaking 60’s all over again except this time its with the gays and lesbos. and geuss what? your playing the role of the fat southern hicks in Alabama who think that skin color really matter


  50. Robert Says:

    Greetings all,

    “Rock against Bush”, What a Friggin lot of shit, you young hip kids and your…….sic (sic…what a term you young kids are really groovy arn’t you?) Bands, you think you know bloody everything don’t you ! why don’t you go back into your mosh pits shoot up some heroin, take some weed, have sex with complete strangers and just make complete fools of your selve like you normally do, you do a lot better job at that than getting involved in protecting the poor little Iraqies and Muslims with Music.

    And I’m not some older so called wiser person, I’m 30 live in Australia and Have drummed in Many Bands, (Not Heavy, or Satanic Shit thogh, good old Rock ‘n’ Roll) the difference with me is I don’t believe in you Flock of Dip Shits who knock Bush for Standing up for his country, how would you bloody kids have liked your Family, friends, lovers, or idolised band members perish in the Trade Towers, Saddam is an Ass hole who deserves all he gets, Yes it is sad that Innocent Iraqis died but FUCKING WAKE UP BRIGHT SPARKS…… Shannon, got it Right, I was waiting for some one else to say this, Saddam is a Shit Head but is not foolish, He moved his weapons else where, he knew the game was up. the U.N. weapon inspectors are PUSSY’S, they should have gone in un-announced and found the stuff but Noooooooo, they had to be bloody respectful and give these assholes months to re- locate hey, There bloody brainy hey!!!! If Iraq never was invaded more innocent people would have died much worse deaths at the hand of that jerk than Bushe’s War!! Iraq had to be liberated, and I hope Iran and North Korea and even Lybia get there Serve soon, they all have one thing on their minds to Kill everyone else, these people have no feelings for anyone else let alone you bunch of anti Bush Wankers, if the truths known, these same type of Killers would probably want to kill you Guys first with your type of Western music which they are so apposed of.

    Oh and to all You Bloody Faggots (Cows Hoofs) and Dykes out there, have you ever tried to join two magnets together at the same poles, they Repell (A simple law of Physics) Why??? Because it is Un-Natural You Sick Pile of Feces. Gay Marriages??
    You People are off your Frickin’ Noodles!!! Don’t you read the Bible?? It tells of the perrils of such behavior.

    All President George W. Bush Supporters: Hi, just wanted to let you guys know that although there are many down under that are Brain washed to hate George, Well My self and Many Of My Friends think George is a fine man. I am a Proud Australian and am Proud of America and your President Too!!! I was really happy when our Prime Minister Jon Howard supported You Guys in the War, the Troops are doing are Brilliant Job over there and don’t need negative shit from home thrown at them.

    For these Rock against Bush Twats who are calling them to come back is just like spitting in there faces, They ARE there for a vallid reason, it had to happen.

    All the Best… Dr. Robert

  51. lintball Says:

    I think that all of you who support bush are foolish and blind…i know more about it than you and i’m only 15.Dr.Robert my name is Robert too but i’m not i’m not unaware like you. You should ALL see Fahrenhiet 9/11 if you want to know the TRUTH about bush. I think you will have changed your mind after you see it. Do you know what the Masonic Seal is ? It’s the seal with the pyramid that says NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM what this means is “New Order of the Ages” or “New World Order” this is also the motto of the Illumaniti/Occult/Worshipers of satan.This seal can be found on any american One dollar bill. I think you will see some resemblance between the symbol at the top of this site: and the seal on the dollar bill,yet they want “In God We Trust” taken off…can you answer answer that ?. and by the way SUM 41 kicks ass

  52. lintball Says:

    Wow…Dr.Robert i just actually read your post…Did you know that the government allowed 9/11 to happen ? did you know that…NO b.c you don’t know what the hell your talking about. What kind of Doctor are you ? I highly doubt anyone would trust you to touch them and i doubt you have a Ph.d in anything, if so it’s surely not in COMMOM SENSE.The Reason they didn’t find the “Weapons of mass Destruction” is because there were NONE RETARD…but they sure have managed to find the second largest oil reserve in the world…so the “Weapons” can wait until after the last drop of oil is pumped. Dr.Robert you are soo blind that you don’t even know it…you said that we are brain washed…you are the one that is brain washed…The government wants you to to belive in them and put your faith in them…here i have some things you should think about “DR.ROBERT”

    1. on 9/11 the “hi-jacked” plane’s transponder was turned off,when a plane isn’t responding on the radar it is considered a hi-jacking and military forces are to be notified immediately to investigate..the Air Force wasn’t notified until 27 mins later allowing flight 11 to fly off course for almost 30 mins and to crash into the twin towers…and no one was fired from there job for their “mistakes”

    2. On september 10 george bush stayed at a resort in florida and later that day had a private meeting with government officials including his brother Jeb Bush…the Governor of Florida.After 9/11 the at the flight school in FLORIDA that the hi-jackers allegedly trained at,why were thier “flight logs” confiscated by Jeb Bush. hmm that’s odd

    3. How were 11 of the 19 hi-jackers identified an HOUR after the attack..?

    I know the answer…It’s Because he wants Fools like You DR.ROBERT and SHANNON to support him…and that’s really easy when you make your self believe lies . EVERY ONE pro-bush or anti-bush should WATCH Fahrenhiet 9/11 It goes deeper into this and sheds some light on the questions left in the dark.

    Dr.Robert and Shannon i didn’t mean to offend you…it just makes me so mad that you believe the LIES and try to make them truths just because they are from the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES…NOBODY’S PERFECT remember that

  53. sohlside Says:

    As a Christian I would like to inform the non-Christians that Bush isn’t a Christian and anyone who is one would know that. There are very specific tenants that Christians are to follow and if they are not followed God says he will “spew you out of his mouth”. This goes wel beyond the 10 Commandments and I won’t bore you with it but Bush is no more a Christian than he is a Femenist. And no mater how many times he professes it, if he is living a lifestyle contrary to Christianity then he is logically not a Christian. (“If I live in my garage does it make me a car?”)
    Again, the sheep have let themselves be duped by another fraud claiming to be something easily rejected by the masses. It’s really quite ingenius of him to portray himself so. Rather than making the man responsible for his actions the publkic will dismiss the actions as some misunderstood religious statement. Wow, for such an enlightened group you have quite a few lemmings in your midst.

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