Riverbend on Iraq, One Year Later

An important perspective — and in a certain respect the only important perspective, given that liberation of the Iraqi people appears to be the sole survivor of the many justifications Bush has offered for the pre-emptive Iraq war — on what has been accomplished in Iraq over the last year: The war on terror…

But we’ve learned a lot. We’ve learned that terrorism isn’t actually the act of creating terror. It isn’t the act of killing innocent people and frightening others… no, you see, that’s called a ‘liberation’. It doesn’t matter what you burn or who you kill- if you wear khaki, ride a tank or Apache or fighter plane and drop missiles and bombs, then you’re not a terrorist- you’re a liberator.

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  1. cybersurfer Says:

    the Riverbend blog is written by someone who’s family was prosperous under Saddam Hussein’s regime, so naturally now they spew anti-American progaganda online. If you read the blog you will notice that they give links and news about anything negative. The more negative the better.
    I really believe “The tears started falling with the first few thuds” of bombs…they had it made under the evil dictator and the bombs meant that it was all coming to an end.
    Funny how someone suddenly becomes interested in the well-being of Iraqi citizens when it suits their purposes…..when Saddam was in power where was the concern for the citizens who were being murdered and tortured?

  2. Mitch Says:

    cybersurfer, I’d love to see the evidence you’ve surely got regarding the history of Riverbend’s family.

  3. Khaled Says:

    Yes, the Riverbend writer’s family was well connected in Saddam’s regime.

  4. BillyBob Says:

    Maybe if you freaking cowards would provide some actual proof for your claims about Riverbend?



  5. aynrand Says:

    It’s just speculation, and it’s some pretty good specuation, too. There’s quite a Zhivago-like quality to her posts.

    Rand 9-11

  6. anon Says:


    This is from an American, but near the bottom you’ll see a quote from someone who knows Riverbend personally. The especially interesting point in that post is an analysis of Riverbends story of trying to get her old job back. It’s a good read, and I recomend it. It sheds light on why her story likely has so many inconsistencies. There’s been many times Riverbend has subtly given hints as to who and what she and her family are. I could see it before I read the above link, and it makes even more sense now. She’s likely the daughter of a Baath party ambassador, most likely to the U.S. (pre Gulf War), Canada, or England. It’s not just the American who writes the above linked blog that disputes the factuality of her posts and her story. Many Iraqis have done the same.

    Gives a point by point blow of a recent post of full of Riverbend’s typical distortions.

    Zeyad at “Healing Iraq” http://healingiraq.blogspot.com/ has also disputed many of Riverbend’s claims, though indirectly and without mentioning her by name as he tries to remain above the infighting in the “blogsphere”. There have also been many comments in Zeyads blog by Iraqis who know, or claim to know, Riverbend and her family. Most of these are no longer available though because his comment section apparently deletes old comments to enable the storage of new ones. One of these such comments are quoted in link at the top of my post.

    You don’t have to believe what other westerners and I have posted about Riverbend. However, it would be wise to look at the evidence with an open mind. I’ve seen many people believe word for word everything Riverbend says just because she is anti-occupation. All the while completely ignoring the inconsistencies of what she says compared to what most other Iraqis, pro and anti American alike are saying.

  7. kaiser Says:

    500 000 and many more children died before the occupation of Iraq and that is by the hand of the American Gov. Your former secretary of State Madeleine Albright who is not quite alright said that it was worth it. So who in god’s name cares who Riverbend is. Children still continue to die. no proper medicines, food, electricity. And this information I did not get from Riverbend. Read antiwar.com and many other websites.

  8. JAM Says:

    What ever you American want to make of her id makes no diffrence.
    The Fact is that Americans are illegally occupying Iraq.
    You are not welcome in Iraq so just go home.
    America is a true terrorist nation in the world.

    I wonder what will rise from the ashes of Iraq?????????

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