Bush’s 9/11-Investigation Testimony

You may (or may not) have been following some of the ruckus surrounding Bush’s foot-dragging with respect to being questioned by the commission investigating the 9/11 attacks; see this fun transcript of the morning White House press gaggle from Joshua Micah Marshall if the sound of one press secretary flapping is the sort of thing that brings you enlightenment: “Full cooperation” is a many-colored thing.

But for a more imaginative reaction to all this, try the following, from Ted Barlow of Crooked Timber: DC 5/11: Day of Inconvenience.

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  1. John F Says:

    J.M.M.’s transcript – while hilarious to read – is sadly political-b.s. as usual… Say one thing and don’t get an answer but get a round-about answer that doesn’t hoenstly answer the question…

    Seen it before in poltiics and don’t label this just a Bush-ism of his administraiton. It’s something that’s copied all too often in politics in general and on all sides of the political spectrum… And it remains bullshit in any and all cases.

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