Armin Meiwes – Euthanasia By Cannibalism

(I can NOT believe we haven’t mentioned this story on before)

Armin Meiwes was found guilty of manslaughter in a German court this week, and sentenced to 8.5 years in prison. Armin recieved this sentance for castrating his victim, eating his flesh while the victim bleed to death, and then butchering and freezing his body to eat over the course of several months — all of which he recorded on video for later sexual gratification.

Now brace yourself — none of that is the bizarre part.

The bizarre part is that the victim was a willing participant in the whole experience — and even choose to eat some of his own flesh before dying. (I know, it sounds like i’m plagiarizing “Hannibal” but I’m not.) Like Meiwes, his victim “Bernd-Juergen Brandes” was a cannibalism fetishist, with a Hansel and Gretel obsession, who prepared a very detailed will, and sold most of his property before going to Meiwes’s house and asked to be eaten. The two met had met online, when Brandes responded Meiwes’s Internet chat room post: “Gay male seeks hunks 18-30 to slaughter.”

This all happened back in 1995. Meiwes wasn’t arrested until December of 2002 when police were tiped off by chat room users after Meiwes posted again, looking for another victim.

The German news organization “DW World” seems to have the most comprehensive coverage, so Here’s a breif timeline of their articles…

(That last video link includes a great straight faced delivery by the News anchor asking the reporter why legal experts are saying that this case is so “unique”).

22 Responses to “Armin Meiwes – Euthanasia By Cannibalism”

  1. Lauren Says:

    What this man did was legal. Cannibalism is legal in Germany, it is in NO way prohibited. I think it is messed up (looking it from the legal point of view) that he got sentenced like he did. I don’t believe or follow cannibalism, but seriously…it was legal. And it pisses me off that they try to pass it off as an illegal case of euthanasia, it is in NO way euthanasia…

  2. emily Says:

    i think it’s beautiful. it just proved that there’s someone for everyone, even if it gets kind of messy.

  3. Paul Dcruze Says:

    I am also looking for some tasty morsels…Write me please..I m getting hungry

  4. Josh M Says:

    You people are sick and have no idea what you are talking about. He committed a terrible act and should have been killed himself for it. This is definitely one of the most wacked out things I have ever heard of.
    P.S. Emily, you have a twisted mind.

  5. Chris Says:

    Armin’s act is totally out-of-this-society. An imprisonment of a mere 8.5 years is too light. He should be sentenced to death, and not influence anyone in the prison. How would you react if Armin comes in front of you and ask “Can I eat you, sweetmeat?” Please wake up from the thrill of getting killed or eating others. Eaters out there, you are killing the victim’s family indirectly if you eat that meat down your throat! Sinful. Josh, I agree with you totally.

  6. whAT THE FUCK?? Says:

    wHAT THE FUCK?? that whould be one of the most sick things ever done in human history… no doubt… armin is not human and all homo-sapins all over d«the world should have the right of hunting him and killing him… not only would it e a no doubt death he would also live with fear the rest of his lif agree with both above…

  7. donatelo Says:

    who in the fuck volunteers to be killed and eaten?

  8. Rikke DENMARK Says:

    Armin is crazy.. But he’s not the only one eating people. (It’s sad to say) Ed gein did in the 1950’s and he is the one which the texas chainsawmasscare is based on.. SICK PEOPLE!!!! I can’t get that they want to eat a human.. :( I get sick just by thinking of it.. 8 years!!!!! He should get shoot! I scared to death by people like them.. They should not live in this world.. On this planet..
    It’s sooo sad that there’s people like Armin M.

  9. Marcoon Says:

    I understand why some of you could be appalled by an act like that but the guy volunteered. This guy did not go out and kill someone unwilling. He had consent and the guy ate part of himself before he died as well. The man should not be in jail. There is no law prohibiting him from preforming the act that he did and he had a video tape to prove it was consensual. If they still feel the need to put him somewhere, try a mental hospital, but don’t put a man in jail for breaking a law that doesn’t exsist.

  10. Diana Says:

    If Cannibalism is legal in Germany he should not have been charged with anything. What he did would have been legal. Brandes was also a willing participant. Meiwes did not force Brandes to do anything he did not want to do. He clearly stated on his request on the internet that he wanted a willing participant, if Brandes did not want to be eaten he did not have to reply and go to Meiwes’s home. The worst Meiwes should be in jail for is assistanting a person in commiting suicide. Meiwes can prove that it was consentual by the video tapes. Brandes left his statement that he volunteered his body to Meiwes to be eaten,then he proceeded to take part in eating his own penis along with Meiwes. Armin Meiwes should not be considered guilty.

  11. Aram Mikarlyan Says:

    Its not that its legal, its just that the code doesnt provide for this as a crime because it has probably never happened before. I think people are taking it too far with their fetishes. This is a serious offence and he should have been shot without a trial. It is the most despicable and vile thing I have heard about, well….since that insecure, whiny, pathetic, pice of shit, cunt issei nagawa or hagawa who was studying in sorbonne killed a german woman and made love to the corpse and cut her into pieces and ate her. I think this happened in 93. THe guy was put into a mental institution and then transfered through family contacts to his home town in japan where he still roams free, thanks to his daddy’s contacts. I am tolerable to everything as long as it doesnt threaten the society. This is sick. By the way, Diana, If someone came to me and said ‘kill me, i wanna die…really..please, i beg you…kill me…kill me now’, I being a sane person, would report him to the authorities. Meiwes is a twisted freak and killing someone, by consent or not, and eating them is definitely not right. I would still consider the Dr. Kevorkian case, euthanasia, there was no sexual impulse, that was mercy killing. Thats what euthanasia means. The dogs at the pound are not hacked piece by piece and then eaten, in order to put them out of their misery. I am appalled at some of the posts here actually in favour of that retarded disgrace to humanity.

  12. Adam P Says:

    This fella Armin….he’s a bit odd. However…he DID have consent..that’s been proven…and the other guy, the one eaten…has every right to have his penis removed and fed to him if he so desires. If I desired to sever my penis, and/or let a friend do it for’s perfectly legal. I could do it with a pair of scissors right now if I wanted to. I mean, it IS a bit far out there…but there are people who cut their tongues in half to look like snakes…a tongue…a penis….what’s the difference except for location? I mean their both vital parts, to those who deem them vital. Apparently this fella didn’t care to keep his johnson attached. Y’know, whatever. I don’t agree, but whatever. The whole assisted suicide thing IS legit in this case, depending on the laws on the matter in Germany. Armin did commit the act of assisted suicide. Keep in mind folks, he had many opportunities to “kill” before, but he let every single one who was not willing go. The one strung up on a meat hook…the one chained to the bed….let them go. The only difference is that Jergins or whatever his name was didn’t want to be let go. And Armin got his wish. Never forced it on anyone. THAT would be murder. Folks, we’re just gonna have to realise and accept that there are some pretty bizzare people out there….I say that so long as everything is consentual, it should be shunned no less than piercings or tattoos, or those depressed goth chicks who like to cut themselves. It’s just taken to a higher degree in this case. Now, would I ever let Armin around my children? Probably not. But would I sentence him to death or life in prison? Certainly not. The only real law he violated, if there even is one, is the assisted suicide law. Just my 2cp, I’m out.

  13. syph Says:

    I aswell veiw this story as beautiful. For those who haven’t read the book based on this event entitled, “Cannibal,” I recommend it. The only questions I have are concerning how to contact Mr. Meiwes to further my interest in this particular lifestyle. Though, I must clarify that its not through any personal interest reguarding cannibalism, but that of curiousity towards extreme levels of diversity. I feel that many who dont agree simply havent educated themselves enough to form a non biased opinion of the matter and if they did, through any position, they would form a sense of respect for Mr. Meiwes.

  14. Australogic Says:

    I would venture to agree that the act of killing and eating is certainly taboo in the surface human society that we live in. I would like to ask the “shocked people” who can think of nothing more than their particular emotional reaction when responding. “He should be shot”, “sick”, “should be institutionalised”, ‘insane” etc. I think these pathetic reactions show how generally twisted and sick and totally self centred humanity can be. These people are so preconditioned to their own little experiences, when really, how can this shock anyone when we kill and eat other animals – living breathing, intelligent cratures like ourselves en masse through ‘acceptable’ farming-killing practices. The same people who are so shocked by this behaviour line their supermarkets with death, fill their refrigerators, their plates with death. When we do this to animals so cruelly and massively, who gives a rats arse if people who probably don’t even want to be on this planet, break the so called human taboo of cannibalism. Wake up everyone, its absolutely no different to the killing that we all sanction with animals, the ‘legal’ mass murder. Actually to be correct humans are just an animal species, regardless of what the stupid brainwashed godsquabblers think. I would suggest that some of these outraged buffoons who have posted above have a think about what death they all tolerate and fund and they will see then that they are essentially no different than Mr. Miewes. If this really shocks people, they should recourse to rally together and end the cruelty and killing of other living creatures. Of course this won’t happen, people are only too happy to turn the other cheek and let this happen – but naturally EAT the meat products. We really are all ‘bizzare’ and ‘Shocking’ then aren’t we.

  15. shoggy1 Says:

    A friend of mine asked me to read these entries and post a reply. I am a Psychiatrist and to all the “shocked people” I can only say that your emotional reactions are quite normal and justifiable. As for Australogic, it seems you are the only one spouting nonsense. You may have an Antisocial Personality Disorder and should be considered extremely dangerous!

  16. nunya Says:

    ok i think that it is unfair that armin is in jail for something he had permision for and proof to show. it is not illegal to do a friend a favor and as for u shoggy1 i think ur the one with the A.P.D because australogic has a good point and i thought u couldnt talk to anyone without being paid, isnt that how it goes wen ur cheep…o excuse me i mean a psychiatrist…they have a right just like everyone else on here to express their opinion without some stuck up idiot telling them they have somthing like A.P.D. i think u need to go back to school for a few years because u obviously need some help mentally and pyhsically.

  17. sanity Says:

    I’ve noticed that the main issue seems to be with the fact that because Armin M. had permission from Bernd B. to mutilate, murder and cannibalize him, he should not be prosecuted for murder (since apparently there is no law againest cannibalism in Germany). So having permission to commit a crime against a person should give one freedom to do so without fear of recrimination? Sometimes people ask for things they only think they want. Sometimes, the people asking for things are not completely competent to ask for them. And sometimes, people are just insane, temporarily or permanently. Cannibalism is not normal, it is not acceptable, it is not part of an “alternative lifestyle”. IT IS WRONG. Just as MURDER IS WRONG. If a person goes looking for people willing to be eaten…obviously there is something about him that is a little off! And if a person responds to such an invitation positively…with the added request that he must be ALIVE while being eaten…obviously he too is not playing with a full deck! Maybe it is a case of “death by request”, but that doesn’t mean the personing requesting death was competent to do so. There was/is nothing remotely sane about either of these individuals. As far as Armin M. being capable of doing this again…history has taught us that he not only is, but that he will do it again (and he did!!!), and MUST BE KEPT AWAY FROM THE REST OF SOCIETY!

  18. LOGIC Says:

    I find it interesting that so many people are on here defending this man and his lust for flesh, when he himself now condemns the act and has even talked about writing a book, aimed at dissuading other individuals from making the same “mistake” he made. Meiwes estimates that there could be some 800 cannibals living in Germany and since his incarceration, several web sites have sprung up looking for “willing victims.” The news of this caused Meiwes to release a public statement condemning the act and urging those responsible for the sites to seek help. There could be some conjecture as to Meiwes motivations, but not with any real certainty, so I would suggest that you have to take him at his word. Additionally, articles that I have read on the issue have stated that he seems to show genuine remorse for his actions. So there’s that.

    About the act itself; there have been several arguments, of varying laughableness defending Mr Meiwes, but the one that appears most frequent is the thought that because this gentleman, Mr Brandes consentually agreed to be slaughtered and eaten, that there lies no fault in Mr Meiwes actions. Now, I am admittedly not an expert in the area of law (especially German law) or psychology, so this is just one man’s opinion. The thing of it is, there are no records of Mr Meiwes conducting any psychological evaluation or screening to ensure that Mr Brandes was in the proper frame of mind to consent to anything that could jeopardize his own life or well-being, therefore it cannot be proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that he was in fact capable of consenting to his own murder. Furthermore, the videotapes that were recorded, show that at the time of his actual death, Mr Brandes was already suffering from severe blood loss and was under the influence of pain killers and alcohol. These factors show that he was not in the proper mind frame at the time of the action to make an informed decision. We all know that the human mind is a finite thing, and rationale can changed at any moment, when when a person is faced with their own mortality. Mr Meiwes’ actions did not allow for this possible and altogether likely change of mind. That is why he was convicted of manslaughter and later of murder and that is why he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

    I will not attack Mr Meiwes in anyway personally, sufficed to say that I think that he is/was a sick individual (sick in a psychological way, not ment in a derogatory manner) and I hope he is getting the help he needs. I do not condone the act, nor do I think that any modern society would. Those who are appalled by the punishment recieved in this case should not be. Even if you do not agree with it, you have to admit to yourself that it is not unexpected or even unreasonable. I hope no one takes offense to this post, and to the person who posted that killing and eating a human is like killing and eating any animal: I am offended! To say that humans are no better than any animal is a simply ludacris statement. I have no problem with animal rights and I do not kill animals myself, but to say that we are the same and therefore murder should be allowed bc hunting is allowed is a terribly uninformed and ignorant statement. I hope that you will think more deeply about your opinions before arbitrarily posting them on a public board.

  19. LOGIC Says:

    why do people feel the need to attack one another with such petty arguements. A persons OPINION cannot possibly be considered wrong, because it is completely subjective based on their own perceptions and biases. A little more acceptance is needed on everyones behalf. That is just my opinion.

  20. faltopar Says:

    The sanctity of the law notwithstanding, my big problem deals with the apalling violation of the basic human moral value of not killing another human, not to mention deriving pleasure while doing it.
    Also, can we ever learn how a person sinks to such depths of depravity if we kill that person? We need to understand what went wrong in order to begin to help others who are similarly disturbed. Perhaps we can prevent horrors such as this from ever happening again.

  21. Pinkadelica Says:

    This is an old topic but, after reading some of the responses, I had to leave respond. Reading some of the poorly spelled drivel some of you folks felt the need to express just goes to show how ignorant and irresponsible society in general has become. Does there really need to be a law that says cannibalism is wrong? Seriously? Ok, I guess there does HAVE to be one because some people are morons and get their rocks off in a sick way. Yeah, I’ll buy that.

    The argument I don’t get is this was supposedly consensual so, this murderer should walk. Hmm…so many problems with that one. I’m fairly certain that sometime in the history of the world, a few people got together and decided a certain law wasn’t to their liking and they should break it (gotta love the buddy system). According to some people’s logic, that makes said law null & void. How very convenient. Hopefully that carries across into other laws and as long as two people think it’s ok, it should be fine with everyone. Yep, that sounds mighty intelligent.

    The bottom line here is that both of these guys were/are disturbed. Cutting off some guy’s penis, eating it and then killing him isn’t a sexual fetish. I’m pretty open minded but, that does not fall into the fetish category at all. If you have to resort to murder to get your rocks off, you have issues and don’t need to be around other people. It’s just that simple. Some of you can rationalize all you want but, I can bet if one of your family members was mentally ill and trolling for someone to kill them, you wouldn’t want someone to lend them a helping hand.

    Oh, and I LOVED the douche who claimed that eating animals is the same as eating a human being. That is so very original. Spoken like a true PETA nut. Here’s a clue. The bible (yeah, that silly little book) says animals are here for eating. That’s pretty much their purpose. As a society, we do draw the lines at some of them but, for the most part, they’re up for grabs. People aren’t animals. No person is suppose to decide when another human being can and should die. If that were the case, a lot of you would have been offed a long time ago for spouting such inane nonsense. I do get that argument though. I do think those ways of thinking can be linked to not eating enough red meat but, that is neither here nor there.

    Methinks most of the people who say this dude should be freed because he’s just a little kooky are wanna-be goth kids looking for attention. At least I HOPE you are. If you’re an adult with that outlook, I’m probably never going to leave the house again. Accepting every type of behavior doesn’t make you appear cool or liberal, it makes you look idiotic and immoral. Believe it or not, there are things that just plain wrong and shouldn’t be done. None of us are on this planet to use other people for our own gratification. It seems some of you have no moral compass. Every selfish and freaky act is a-ok because it would just be too hard to NOT act like an savage and actually use your brain instead of your impulse. I know, it hard…thinking causes headaches. Boo hoo!

    There’s no need to study this guy. What the hell happened to being just plain crazy? There’s no need to study that crap in a lab. You take a life, you pay with your own. Very simple concept. Is that fair? Maybe not but, do the victims of murder get a choice? Is life even fair in genreal? Nah, didn’t think so. Something tells me if someone tried to kill Mr. Penis Frydaddy, he’d cry like a little baby girl. Ah..irony!

    I have 0 respect for people (even online trolls who talk out of their ass) who have no regard for human decency. I get that some of you have your head so far up your ass that all you know is sh*t but, get a damn clue! If you alleged supporters of this waste of space encountered him, you’d probably run like bitches. Again, there’s irony for ya. Every type of behavior should be accepted as long as it doesn’t invade your little world.

    This world is so overly PC & accepting that if you actually object to things, you’re considered some sort of archaic Nazi. It’s quite ok to NOT think killing & eating people is ok. If that makes me a stuff old broad, so be it. I’ll take that over eating a dick sandwich any day of the week.

  22. ctinax Says:

    I personally think that this is not acceptable, whether it being consentual or non consentual. It was not manslaughter, it was infact murder. Yes this man consented, but the act of deliberately taking another persons life is called murder. I do not have a penis, although I have a female equivalent, and I can say that I would not enjoy someone cutting it off of me, and I certainly wouldn’t want to eat it, or anyone else.

    Now to those of you who think that Armin M was right in what he did, I am sure that if a friend/loved one or family told you they wanted to meet up with a stranger to be killed, dismembered and eaten you wouldn’t simply say, ‘well if you want to go ahead’, or if they were looking for people to kill you’d think that was OK as well. I certainly wouldn’t.

    Humans are not made to be eaten, and therefore eating them is wrong, because that is not our purpose in life. It is wrong in every way. Surely you would have been taught right and wrong? If it is OK, then how come people who commit this act go to prison and face consequences. To be honest I did read some of these responses standing up for Armin M and it made me worry, seriously it did.

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