Why Bush Will Lose

Forget, for the moment, the people like me, who basically hate Bush. Forget, too, the people who listen to right-wing talk radio and believe what it says. Neither of us is ever going to determine the outcome of a presidential election in this country.

Focus on the middle, the undecided, the independents. These are the people who, when it comes time to vote for president, vote for the candidate, not the party. These are the folks who are going to decide things in November.

I think these folks are going to send Bush back to Crawford. Why? Because his appeal is based largely on smoke and mirrors, and his failures as president are getting harder and harder to obscure. Also, many of those failures are in the area of national security, which, in case you haven’t noticed, is a key concern these days.

As of now, Bush has presided over two of the worst national security-related intelligence failures in the history of the country. That’s pretty sad for just three years in office. His supporters persist in trying to blame 9/11 on Clinton, but for non-partisans that’s a non-starter. With the two commissions investigating things coming out with their results, it’s increasingly clear that lots of mistakes were made. Bush can take responsibility, in which case he’s (rightly) toast; or he can claim ignorance and incompetence, in which case he’s (rightly) toast. Take your pick.

Meanwhile, we have Iraq, the war that savaged our country’s credibility throughout the world, the pre-emptive invasion of a sovereign nation for which we couldn’t get either UN or NATO support, or even a simple majority on the Security Council, but which Bush pushed through anyway, confident the post-war search would turn up smoking-gun WMD stockpiles that would earn grudging apologies from his detractors both abroad and at home. Except it didn’t. The search found the opposite: the detractors were right, he was wrong.

From today’s extremely Web-challenged LA Times: Bush defends Iraq war, intelligence agencies. I’m going to quote fairly extensively, since they like to change URLs:

Days after the top U.S. arms inspector, David Kay, said he did not believe that Iraq had stockpiled chemical or biological weapons or had a substantial nuclear weapons program, Bush did not answer directly when reporters asked about his own earlier claims.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Saddam Hussein was a gathering threat to America and others. That’s what we know,” Bush said. “We know that he was a dangerous man in a dangerous part of the world.”

Bush said he wants to wait until the Iraq Survey Group, which Kay headed until he resigned Friday, completes its work “so we can find out the facts and compare the facts to what was thought”…

Bush’s remarks immediately reverberated on Capitol Hill and among the Democrats competing to run against him in the autumn.

In a meeting later in the day between Bush and congressional leaders about this year’s legislative agenda, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) confronted Bush with the questions raised by Kay about the justification for the Iraq war, according to sources familiar with the meeting.

Daschle complained that lawmakers had based their votes on the war on erroneous information about weapons of mass destruction. Bush interrupted to defend the war as “a worthy effort.”

Daschle said he was not questioning the worth of the war but insisted that the government needed to get to the bottom of the intelligence failure. A senior Republican at the meeting, Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), reportedly backed Daschle on that point…

“Clearly, the intelligence that we went to war on was inaccurate, wrong,” Kay told NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw in an interview aired Monday evening, one of several he has given in recent days. Kay also said the intelligence community owed Bush an apology.

But the president Tuesday expressed “great confidence” in the intelligence apparatus.

“These are unbelievably hard-working, dedicated people who are doing a great job for America,” he told reporters.

As with 9/11, Bush is on the horns of a dilemma. Either he played an active role in perverting the intelligence, lying to the world and his own people about the threat represented by Saddam, which would make him a very bad man, unworthy of the presidency. Or he is presiding over a spectacularly flawed intelligence process that leaves him unable to distinguish real threats from illusions, but he still believes the intelligence folks are doing a fabulous job, which would make him a doofus, and again, unworthy of the presidency.

He’s doing his best to avoid either horn by obfuscating (“weapons of mass destruction-related program activities,” anyone?) and changing the subject (steroids! we’ve got to do something about steroids!), but with Dean having given a backbone transfusion to the previously timid field of Democratic hopefuls, criticism of Bush’s national security failures is going to be a central theme of the debate between now and the election.

Unlike last time, Bush has a record. And it sucks. He can’t run on it, and he can’t run away from it. What’s left?

Hmm. Maybe this Onion article points the way: Bush 2004 campaign promises to restore honor and dignity to White House.

Update: Adam takes a contrarian view.

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  1. Steve Wilder Says:

    They’re already having a hard enough time with ex-intelligence professionals blasting them.

    I believe the only reason Bush isn’t trying to scapegoat the intelligence community is because Karl Rove is afraid of provoking a full-scale and official CIA/FBI revolt against the administration.

  2. ymatt Says:

    Yeah, I tend to feel that the war judgment and justification is going to be the sticky one. As much as Bush ticks me off, I really don’t feel there is any particular responsibility for 9/11 to be laid on him. The last several administrations are cumulatively to blame for continually pissing off people in that region for a very long time.

    But nobody with any credibility seems to be defending our decision to blow up Iraq.

  3. Adam Says:

    As much as I’d like to believe your analysis, John, I think it’s 50/50. In that spirit, I wrote a counterpoint to your post on my site.

    Why Bush Will Win


  4. Anax Says:

    I have to agree… I think your giving the American ‘middle’ too much credit. After all, they voted for him the first time simply because he was the ‘nicer’ more ‘down-home’ candidate, not because he seemed at all competant for the job.

  5. onan Says:

    Most of the things you point out about Bush were true the last time he landed in office, and didn’t seem problematic for him then. (Well, okay, they were enough to deny him the election, but not the office.)

    And the two major things which have happened since then (9/11 and the Iraq war) will, sadly, work in his favor.

    The WTC attack caused his approval ratings to soar, made many Americans feel obligated to support him. And he’s successfully capitalized on that: he’s loudly done a lot of things that he claims are a response to the attack, and there hasn’t been a similar catastrophe since. To the casual observer, this will look a whole lot like succeeding at his most important task.

    Similarly, most people have been convinced that Hussein was directly complicit in the WTC attack, and thus that the Iraqi invasion was justified, necessary, and appropriate. The only thing of which they may be less sure is that it was successful, but capturing Hussein probably settled that in most Americans’ minds.

    And the populace has a huge incentive to believe that the Iraq invasion was the Right Thing To Do. If it was the right thing, we’re heroes, having liberated millions and saved the world. If it was the wrong thing, we’re a rogue nation, responsible for pointless mass murder. Voters can’t retroactively change the act, but choosing their beliefs about it allows them control over how they have to think of themselves.

  6. John F Says:

    My problem is when it comes down to Bush vs. the Democratic candidate, the Democratic candidate has to look like he’s got something or people will actually side with Bush.

    I mean, picture John Kerry vs. Dubya. Say you are an undecided voter and like George as a person but not that keen on hsi record… You then look at Kerry and what you see on the surface makes you feel awkward. What he gives you in substance sounds even more awkward…

    People complained about Dean being unelectable — they didn’t say the same about Kerry because Kerry boasts a record in washington. Kerry, however, has little charisma and comes off much like AL Gore — stiff and unappealing in a pompous sense.

    Compared directly to each other, who is a non-politically active voter going to vote for? A man who looks like a cadaver or a man who looks like a chimp?

  7. onan Says:

    Yeah, but Kerry’s hair is like _eight_times_ the size of Bush’s. Let’s see George compete with that!

  8. John F Says:

    His hair might be eight times the size, but what about his lies? :p :)

  9. Curtis Says:

    Bush is the most courrupt president usa has ever had

  10. harris Says:

    Two wars since this guy has been made the president. Re-elect the whacko and there are few more wars on the horizon. Economy is goin nowhere. It wouldnt hurt to vote for someone else this time around

  11. Bob Dylan Says:

    Bush ain’t any more corrupt than Clinton…

  12. Bald_Baby Says:

    Yea Clinton screwed an intern… an ugly one at that…. Bush only screwed the country…

  13. Pluribus Says:

    YES…Bush is absolutely going to lose. He has given incompetence a new name. Don’t worry about it. BUSH IS TOAST!!!!!!

  14. Pluribus Says:

    YES…Bush is absolutely going to lose. He has given incompetence a new name. Don’t worry about it. BUSH IS TOAST!!!!!!

  15. Mango Says:

    This is a dumb site. Bush will win, and there’ll be one body bag for every american.

  16. B. Franklin Says:

    Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose.

  17. Eric Says:

    Bush will win easily! Once it get’s close to the election, Bin Laden will get caught. Once it get’s close to the election, Hussein will go on trial. No matter how bad I personally want Kerry to win, it just isn’t going to happen. Bush is just to slippery!

  18. Eric Says:

    Bush will win easily! Once it get’s close to the election, Bin Laden will get caught. Once it get’s close to the election, Hussein will go on trial. No matter how bad I personally want Kerry to win, it just isn’t going to happen. Bush is just to slippery!

  19. Eric Says:

    Bush will win easily! Once it get’s close to the election, Bin Laden will get caught. Once it get’s close to the election, Hussein will go on trial. No matter how bad I personally want Kerry to win, it just isn’t going to happen. Bush is just to slippery!

  20. Eric Says:

    Bush will win easily! Once it get’s close to the election, Bin Laden will get caught. Once it get’s close to the election, Hussein will go on trial. No matter how bad I personally want Kerry to win, it just isn’t going to happen. Bush is just to slippery!

  21. Eric Says:

    Bush will win easily! Once it get’s close to the election, Bin Laden will get caught. Once it get’s close to the election, Hussein will go on trial. No matter how bad I personally want Kerry to win, it just isn’t going to happen. Bush is just to slippery!

  22. Eric Says:

    Bush will win easily! Once it get’s close to the election, Bin Laden will get caught. Once it get’s close to the election, Hussein will go on trial. No matter how bad I personally want Kerry to win, it just isn’t going to happen. Bush is just to slippery!

  23. Eric Says:

    Bush will win easily! Once it get’s close to the election, Bin Laden will get caught. Once it get’s close to the election, Hussein will go on trial. No matter how bad I personally want Kerry to win, it just isn’t going to happen. Bush is just to slippery!

  24. Eric Says:

    Bush will win easily! Once it get’s close to the election, Bin Laden will get caught. Once it get’s close to the election, Hussein will go on trial. No matter how bad I personally want Kerry to win, it just isn’t going to happen. Bush is just to slippery!

  25. Eric Says:

    Bush will win easily! Once it get’s close to the election, Bin Laden will get caught. Once it get’s close to the election, Hussein will go on trial. No matter how bad I personally want Kerry to win, it just isn’t going to happen. Bush is just to slippery!

  26. Eric Says:

    Bush will win easily! Once it get’s close to the election, Bin Laden will get caught. Once it get’s close to the election, Hussein will go on trial. No matter how bad I personally want Kerry to win, it just isn’t going to happen. Bush is just to slippery!

  27. Eric Says:

    Bush will win easily! Once it get’s close to the election, Bin Laden will get caught. Once it get’s close to the election, Hussein will go on trial. No matter how bad I personally want Kerry to win, it just isn’t going to happen. Bush is just to slippery!

  28. B. Franklin Says:

    Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose. Bush will lose.

  29. Windell Cotton Says:

    Bush has so many people hoodwinked its starting to make me feel snake bit. Can you visualize what the uproar would be like if Clinton or Gore had got us in this Iraq mess. It seems all he has to do is strut around in a flight suit and he’s got one hundred million votes. Lets face it, this chicken hawk draft dodger was able to turn the tables on an honored combat veteran and make him look like a stammering weenie. The world seems upside down. Heil Bush!!

  30. J. Martinez Says:

    As an independent, I believe that the American people owe it to themselves to restore the dignity of our country–a country that, if it wishes to continue surveying the world, should do so in a reverent manner, not a manner that is based on assumption, hearsay, personal gain, or the well being of a few. Bush has proven himself to be an irreverent president and human being, putting his personal agendas before the American people and depicting opponents to his irresponsible decisions as being unpatriotic. It is truly unfortunate that he has also exploited and manipulated the lower socio-economic Republicans into believing that a Republican president, such himself, should be regarded as infallible. Forget about your gun rights, that Clinton got a blowjob, and that Michael Moore is fat, for you will have your guns no matter who is president, and blowjobs and obesity are irrelevant, and consider the poor decisions that this man has made. Upon doing so, you should conclude that you should either vote for Kerry, who thus far has a much cleaner slate than Bush, or, if your devotion to the Republican Party is so strong, you should hold your vote until next election, when there is a new Republican candidate that is more likely to bring dignity and valor back to your party; Bush is a far cry from being this person!!!! The cold war is over; ditch the neo-McCarthyism and the bozo who is trying to restore it.

  31. Bush licks shit Says:

    Bush will lose because Mark Sheilds doesn’t like him and Mark Shields runs the United Wasteland of America

  32. Bush licks shit Says:

    Bush will lose when people find out Cheney blew him and his horse (This also explains the pretsil incident) or just because Bush is fucking stupid and deserves to eat shit while burning in Hell!!! without health insurance

  33. Bush licks shit Says:

    Bush will lose

    Is david Brooks from the News Hour Jewish,, how good is Sopranos


    You Bush-haters really need to take a chill pill—and watch your mouths. People who talk like that do end up in hell.

    Presidential dream ticket: President-Ann Coulter
    Vice-President-Phyllis Schlafly

  35. Man Says:

    As an outsider, this is my comment.

    Democracy is of the people, for the people and by the people. For democracy to succeed, there should be an independent media and an independent judiciary.

    But right now, what is happening here is “Democracy for the wealthy, by the wealthy, and of the wealthy. Republican media and republican judiciary; Government has entered our library records, our telephone records and even our bedrooms. This is not democracy. This is autocracy. Or should I say, step towards autocracy. This is what was happening in Saddam’s Iraq.

    America is divided into two Americas here. Democratic America and Republican America. Democratic Media and republican media; Girls are dumping there boy friends because they are democrats. How far this will go and where this will stop?

    Presidents come and presidents go, but United States of America remains there. It should remain there that way forever. Honor of the USA should be more important than the honor of any president, democrat or republican. Any president who dishonors America needs to be voted out of office, because in Democracy, we may be republicans and we may be democrats, but we both love this country. You decide what is right and you decide what is wrong? But your decision should be the decision that is right for the United States of America, because Presidents come and presidents go, but The United States of America remains there.

  36. Ahren Says:

    I hope Bush will lose. I don’t think I can stand another 4 years with an incompetent leader. I don’t get bush supporters. Why should we give a failure another term?
    John Kerry is the best choice for America

  37. Proud American Says:

    In the end, after all the votes are counted, Bush will surely lose.
    Thank God!

  38. Rupublicans are stupid Says:

    Those who vote republican are ignorant and inbreed. Just look at the division of states that support bush, they are all either full of old people or dumb rednecks that only vote republican just because they dont know any better. Thats why bush appeals to them. Monkey see monkey do!

  39. V Says:

    Tuesday, 09/01/2004
    First John Mccain, then Max Cleland and now John Kerry.There is a pattern here. They keep doing the same thing again and again and again. Yet, He (God) keeps watching again and again and again.

    I wonder if any soldier in the world can absolutely positively prove that the bullet that almost killed him actually came from the enemy fire. Will it be possible for any soldier injured amputated or killed in Iraq war to prove if his injuries were self inflicted or inflicted by the terrorists. Why should any american join the armed forces in the first place, knowing when he comes home, he will be smeared the way Kerry is being smeared today and so called independent media will keep watching. I guess if someone injured on September 11 runs for the president in the next 20 years, he too will be smeared in the same way.

    What republican party is doing to Kerry is absolutely intolerable. It breaks my heart. It just hurts so bad. I wish it had been just the republican party. but it is not so. Fox news, ABC, MSNBC and now even CNN, there is not a single media outlet left, which supports a Soldier. (I stopped watching cable news since the last week because of these lies. Now I only watch CSPAN)

    If so-called-friends of Kerry like Bob dole can malign him, if band-of-brothers like John Mccain can not come forward to support him, I wonder what kind of people have real friends in this world. And what can I say about John Mccain, I have abosoletely no respect left for this spineless guy with no self respect and integrity.

    If Bush wins this time, my faith in everything that I have been taught about, being truthful and honest, being moral and just, being nice and decent, is going to be shattered. They say GOD tests everyone, this is my test in GOD. So far I think he is a just GOD. Lets’ see.

  40. Andreas Christiansen Says:

    Bushs says the whold job economy is alright, and makes a connection between saddam hussein, and Al-Queada.

  41. Andreas Christiansen Says:

    Bushs grandfather Prescott Bush financed Adolf Hitler, and the rest of the Nazi Regime of Germany, and he says that going into war in Iraq is the right thing. Whats kind of President is he?

  42. Andreas Christiansen Says:

    George Walker Bush had a year of suspended Military record, and failed to show up at his Military sight what Kind of commander in cheif, and president is he, and him having us go to war on Iraq based on this information.

  43. Odd Todd 88 Says:

    I just hope there are enough first-time voters to come out of the non-voting closet to make your prediction come true. There’s been an enormouse voter registration increase for Democrats across the country. In Ohio 250% more Democrats have been registered since 2000. With numbers like that, all states are swing states


  44. British Tony Says:

    As a Brit, I am entitled to add my two cents worth, since my Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair, has aligned himself so closely with your (dumbass) “president”, Mr Bush.

    In fact, we in Britain have a general election coming up next year, but Blair is nowhere near to defeat as Bush might be. In Britain, Bush’s lapdog is WAY ahead in all polls.

    But I have to say, I agree with Michael Reagan. Remember when Bush team members tried to compare their monkey with Ronald Reagan? The Gipper’s son replied that “My father could crap better ones than George W.”

    But don’t get me wrong about Bush. Nobody forced you guys to put him there. And don’t bother telling me it was the Supreme Court. Enough Americans cast their votes for George W in 2000 to make it close enough for the corruption that took place to transpire. And Bush is utterly corrupt. So is Blair. I voted for Blair in 1997, but not in 2001. I will never vote for the shithead again.

    I will say one thing for Tony Blair. He is a much better liar than George W. But then, Blair is a trained trial lawyer! As for thjose on this forum who dislike Bush’s wars, well, Tony Blair has took British trrops into action SEVEN times now since he came into office. He is a lapdog not just of Bush, but of any American president who happens to be in office. And if any of you Americans think this is out of friendship with America, you are dead wrong.

    Bush cannot compare to Blair in political efectiveness. Blair is a deceiver in the extreme. In political manipulation, Bush is a rank amateur in comparison to Blair.

    Blair simply uses Bush. Sure, it’s great to be on-side with the sole remaining superpower, but Blair is today the leading architect of the drive to make the European Union a superpower able to compete with America. He is also harbouring a burning ambition to be its President. Imagine that when he visits the White House. Tony Blair, President of the European Union, with the second-greatest military power in the world at his disposal. But no American should ever regard Blair as a true friend. It is nothing more than political expedience. How can a man who was so close to Bill Clinton also be truly so close to George W?

    If Kerry does win, Blair will cosy up to him, too! Beacuse he really doesn’t give a damn who is America’s president. Just as long as he remains the favourite visitor to the White House.

    As for your election, I wasn’t very much interested until I watched the debate. I don not think Bush did quite as badly as many have since suggested, but he certainly has no poise on television when he is not reading from a carefully prepared script. Kerry certainly DID excel in that debate. I am sure there are now many more Americans who are going to vote for him as a result of that debate. I have watched every American presidential debate since Reagan-Carter. Kerry’s performance did him no harm whatsoever.

    In Britain, the Prime Minister has to debate with the Leader of the Opposition EVERY Wednesday at 12 noon. We get this stuff week in and week out, all year round.

    I think Mr Bush is not very intelligent, but I am willing to be fair to him. He has used what talents he has to attain your highest office, and you can’t hold that against him. The test is always whether a candidate can garner enough votes to get into office. A lot of people conveniently forget that Adolph Hitler was ELECTED in 1932.

    Here’s a thought. Enjoy, for a moment, the fantasy that 9/11 never happened. What the hell would Bush’s presidency have looked like? I believe it would have been lack-lustre in the extreme. Nothing to write home about. At all.

    I do not believe they could have contrived any pretence at a reason for attacking Iraq without 9/11, despite the intention to attack that is on the website of the Project For A New American Century – http://www.newamericancentury.org.

    And finally, here is the real question I would like to put to you, my American “cousins”, and specifically to those of you who fully agree with the decision to go to war in Iraq. It is the same question I would put in respect of the Vietnam War.

    You say that America went into Iraq to “establish democracy” in a country that has never heard of it. You say that America went to war in Vietnam to “maintain freedom” in a country that had never experienced it. Americans have died in large numbers to “protect” and “support” the people of those countries. Can any of you show me a single Vietnamese or Iraqi who is willing to die for Americans? This does not negate the fact that troops from my own country are there. The vast majority of the British people were in vehement opposition to Britain joining in with this war, but Blair, or “Bliar” as some here now call him, had given Bush his word.

    Personally, if I were in the British Army and they told me that I was going to Iraq to die for Iraqi’s, I would rather face a court-martial than risk my life for them. I am not being racist, or unpatriotic. I am willing to die for my country, but I’ll be damned if I am going to die for somebody else’s. Especialy people who would not die for me.

    Indeed, imagine that, while Bush and Blair are celebrating themselves as “liberators” of Iraq, the average American or Brit who found himself lost in Iraq would certainly not be celebrated. You and I both know that their throats would be cut in very quick time. Or else they would be beheaded, and the video shown on the net.

  45. British Tony Says:

    I have no idea, though, who will win. We all know that as of right now, your election is way too close to call…

  46. British Tony Says:

    The Truth About “Globalization”…

    The conspiracy facts are that Elite inner circle members of the Bilderbergs (BB), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and Trilateral Commission (TC) are conspiring to politically and economically dominate the entire world under their New World Order, more recently called Globalization, or Global Union, Global Economy, Global Order, Global Environment, and like terms. When President G.H.W. Bush used the term New World Order in several of his speeches, it aroused suspicion and concern among the public. So, the Elite selected a generic term “Globalization” to use, and now Americans are no longer alarmed, because the business world uses this term daily, so it must not be so frightening. But, you cannot change a tiger’s stripes. We’re still talking about the New World Order. If you don’t know about the BB, CFR, and TC, or who are the members of these secret organizations, then you must have a copy of Who’s Who of the Elite.

    American Union

    The Elite plan to create the American Union by January, 2005. This will include all of the nations of North, Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands, and will function just like the present European Union. There will be only one monetary system, one central bank, one (unelected) governing body, one military force, one judicial system, no borders, and no Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Elite have invented a new term for expanded NAFTA, which they now call FTAA, or Free Trade Area of the Americas. The Council of the Americas, at the Quebec City conference in March, 2001, stated very clearly that they plan to complete the FTAA by the year 2005.
    Vice President Dick Cheney was thanked for his remarks at the Council of the Americas conference on May 6, 2002, by founder and Honorary Chairman, David Rockefeller. Cheney said that the FTAA would be completed by January, 2005.

    (Reference paragraph 18 of Cheney’s speech at and
    Paragraph 12 of Otto Reich’s speech at

    It is obvious that they are really talking about the American Union which they plan to complete by January, 2005. That’s less than two years away, my friends. Just when are you planning to get concerned?
    The American Union follows the first step, the European Union, in the Elite’s plan to control the entire world. Next will be the Asian Union, the African Union, and the Soviet Union, all to be completed between the years 2010 and 2015. This is not my speculation, it’s their stated plans, as detailed in a UN document titled “Our Global Neighborhood” (available in any bookstore, on special order).


    Chile will be the next nation absorbed by the (soon-to-be) American Union. It has long had a roundtable in operation, and it is known as the Chilean Council of Foreign Relations.

  47. British Tony Says:


    Since President Hugo Chavez took office on February 2, 1999, the common people of Venezuela have backed him and his reforms. Chavez insists on keeping more of the oil export profits in Venezuela, so that his nation can recover from its chronic financial problems. His strong will may just be a stumbling block to the completion of the American Union. The CIA has backed coup attempts to oust his “radical” leader, and the public has turned out by the thousands to protest these attempts. The petroleum industry strikes are not strikes at all. They are lock-outs by the oil industry managers, in order to try to embarrass President Chavez, and to turn the public against him.

    On December 13, 2002, Brazilian President Luis Inacio “Lula” da Silva appointed international financier Hernando Meirelles as head of the Central Bank of Brazil. Meirelles was the former president of FleetBoston Financial Corp., and served as a director of David Rockefeller’s Council of the Americas.


    On December 26, 2002, Argentina’s Senate approved the appointment of Alfonso Prat-Gay as president of the Argentina’s Central Bank. Prat-Gay was formerly the head of emerging market research for J. P. Morgan Chase bank. David Rockefeller is Chairman of the bank’s International Advisory Committee.

    Fast Track Legislation

    On August 6, 2002, President Bush signed into law the Trade Act of 2002 (or fast track legislation). This is also referred to as Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). This means that he can complete the American Union on schedule, because Congress will now only be allowed an up or down vote on treaties that he presents. The Elite will publicly shame and humiliate anyone in Congress who votes against their treaties. They have reduced their opposition greatly by making sure that Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and Congressmen Earl Hilliard, and Bob Barr were defeated in recent primaries. They had already ousted Jim Trafficant earlier. Congressman Ron Paul is next on their list.

    Senate Majority Leader

    Now we really know why Senator Trent Lott was replaced. Not because he made an improper statement (and it was improper), but because he was NOT a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The Elite need to do many things within the next two years in order to complete the American Union, so they MUST have one of their own heading the U.S. Senate. The perfect replacement is Senator William (Bill) H. Frist, who was made a member of the CFR just this year. Did they make him a member because they knew that he would be the likely replacement for Trent Lott? Very likely.

    Success out of Fear

    “Today Americans would be outraged if U. N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.” – Henry Kissinger, in an address to the Bilderberg meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992. Transcribed using a concealed tape recording made by one of the Swiss delegates. Henry Kissinger is an inner-circle member of the Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission, and a long-time right-hand-man of David Rockefeller, who aspires to be the Czar of the Global Union.

  48. norh Says:

    THIS IS WHY BUSH WILL LOSE..Those who have a brain will discover their out right lies .

    Our leaders have used the intervening time to let us down gently, preparing us for the eventual news that the Baghdad tiger had no teeth. At first, George Bush and Tony Blair insisted Saddam had WMD, ready and aimed at us. Then, when those failed to show up, they shifted ground so that, in July 2003, Blair declared: “I have absolutely no doubt at all that we will find evidence of WMD programmes.” Not weapons, but programmes. When those proved elusive, it was suddenly “WMD programme-related activities”.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Bush is a langer of the highest order

  50. Canuck Says:

    As a citizen of the world in general, I hope and pray that this dangerously incompetent “President” will not be re-elected. He has been proven wrong time and time again, yet still chooses to run on his record?!? Now that’s incompetence. As a matter of fact, I find it likely that at some time in the future, there will be a picture of Dubya in the dictionary beside “incompetent”.

    On a lighter note, as a Canadian, maybe he SHOULD be re-elected. After all, our money is worth more than it has been in more than a decade!!

  51. Spudgun Says:

    This is all getting rather complicated, so lets make it simple. Bin Laden, alledgedly, destroys the World Trade Centre, along with several thousand poor souls. The Toxic Texan, after scattering a few thousand bombs across the Afghanistan plains, autocratically puts in charge of Aghanistan a man whose only qualification for the job is that he will willingly allow the Americans to run a huge, underground oil pipe across the country. Meanwhile, Osama, proving to be rather too smart for the Cowboy convinces America that perhaps that dastardly chap Saddam might have had a hand in things as well. He eats babies for breakfast, and any day soon, (within three quarters of an hour, according to Blair), he could be here in the West eating OUR babies for breakfast. 100,000 Iraqi deaths later, not to mention British, American and allied fatalities, (which will increase much further as the ‘war’ progresses), Halliburtons is making a nice fat profit, thank you very much, on Iraqi oil. One of the big shareholders, and a man who used to Chair the company is a chap by the name of Dick Cheney. Ring a bell, anyone? The ‘War on Terror’, never existed, my friends. You can not surely call a motley crew of old age pensioners, teenagers, and rag tag ‘soldiers’ with outmoded and outdated guns, set against the might of the American Military machine, who blitzed the Iraqis from several thousand feet in the air a ‘war’ surely? Now that Saddam has gone, and we have created hundreds of thousands of Saddams in his wake, and men, women and children die daily of pestilence, famine or allied attacks, it appears to be proving difficult to convince the Iraqis that we have ‘liberated’ them, ungrateful as they are. Now that every tin pot terrorist organisation wants to blow up, not just America, but the UK also, we do indeed have a ‘war’ on our hands. Which is why the Americans, who are either too stupid, obtuse, ignorant or indifferent to realise why the remainder of the world, free or otherwise, holds them in such contempt; will surely vote Dubya back into the White House, and it is also why the British, who are equally, if not MORE stupid, will vote back in that jug eared dictatorial coward who will, before he has finished, eradicate, errode and corrode all that was once truly GREAT about Great Britain, in the same way that Bush is, and will continue to do so, destroy all that was great about America.

  52. W Says:


  53. Kipp Says:

    Haha You loser liberals just got your asses kicked!!!! I hope that today is the most miserable day of your lives!

  54. CB Says:

    Uh – BUSH WON – Kill your website – and yourself!

  55. Judy Says:

    Perhaps you should write about how YOU were wrong. Make it a learning experience. Think about how, despite media bias, big name stars, millions from that greek guy, dirty tricks, lies and outright hate mongering…Kerry LOST!

    Looks like there are people left in this country that care about honesty, manners, self-responsibility, integrity, justice, courage, freedom….

    And they turned up to vote….for BUSH!

  56. Jason Says:

    I respect your partisanship because I can show some of the same colors. The exact reason your opening comment said Bush will lose, is why he won. People trust him and he does not lie. He has political courage, knowing he may be a one term President because of it. You were wrong because you thought you could fight Bush on his turf(Iraq, National Security, and Terrorism). You dont win with un-decides because the are un-reliable. Register teenagers and people in homeless shelters, good Idea they will get out and vote.

    THE MOST MONEY EVER SPENT (Soros, Lewis, Move on, media fund, MTV, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, New York Times, every editorial page in almost every newspaper. Not a positive world about Bush for 2 years. Every attempt to get every doped up college student and every unemployed misfit, and everyone in every homeless shelter was registered to vote. Republicans and the master Carl Rove got people who would atually vote registered.

    I happened by this website


  57. Spudgun Says:

    I never said that Bush would lose, (see my previous comment), I said that Americans are either too stupid, obtuse, ignorant or indifferent to kick him out. In retrospect, I have to now add cowardly and god forbid, possibly wicked as well. Cowardly because, those who voted for him hid behind the great technological might of the American Military, selfish as to whether or not 10,000, 100,000 or 1000,000 Iraqis died.(We’re also back to obtuse, here, because according to recent polls, virtually half of ALL Americans actually think that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11, even though even Rumsfeld admits that he didn’t, along with the CIA and every respectable Intelligence outfit in the States). And America clearly isn’t concerned how many innocents die at the hands of the Bush administration, as long as it ain’t Americans. Cowardly, also, because the majority of those who voted for him don’t give a damn about what happens outside of their own back yard, (unless again their stupidity allows them to be convinced that Saddam might be throwing some of his weapons into it, even though he never had any apart from those the Americans sold him in the first place). The final charge of wickedness must also be examined closely. Bush supporters rant on about freedom, honesty, respectability, integrity and courage. Reverend Bush of the Church of the Latter Day Morons shall preach the gospel, shall slay the mighty evil ones. Meanwhile, Mr. Cheney, his right hand man, (sorry, preacher), continues to see the value of his shares rocket with Halliburton’s, just one of the many American conglomerates who are making an absolute fortune out of the War. It’s a pity some of those ‘hard earned’ dollars won’t be used to prop up the weakening Dollar on the home front. Wicked, more so, because the self-righteous, gun-totin’, military lovin’, sister marryin’, abortion-hatin’, gay-loathin’, foreigner-despisin’, non-passport ownin’ red-necks, who believe God gave America the biggest dick in the world so it could urinate on the rest of us and make their land “free and strong”. You are neither free nor strong. You are not free, because you shall be forever looking under your beds, afraid of what might be there. Whilst your Buffoon President goes on to ‘Kick More Ass, yee ha!!’, your enemies are mounting further. The REAL evil one, OSAMA BIN LADEN (remember him??, or have you conveniently erased him from the equation, seeing as the ‘Great Texan Cowboy’ failed to round him up?). Now he is VERY happy with the Bush re-election! Yes sir, for years and years he has mustered all his energy and efforts to wage a war on the Western ‘Infidels’, and always failed fairly miserably, (apart from the devastating 9/11). Now, though, thanks to Iraq, the entire Arabic world, not to mention a host of other lunatics want pay back, and god forbid, no doubt they will achieve some success. Hopefully though, if he ever gets through finishing with Iraq, Iran, North Korea and whoever else he decides to attack, (once someone shows him where they are on a map), he will have enough of his own ‘Weapons of Mass destruction’ left to deal with them as well. You are also not free, because you are enslaved to the lies, the distortions and the downright ridiculous posturing of your Administration. If Bush declared tomorrow that America was under threat from inhabitants of the Planet Venus, you would tremble in your homes, whilst screeching ‘Yee Ha’ to Bush’s plan to invade China to capture their rocket scientists to build a craft to invade Venus. And you will certainly never be STRONG, all the time you believe that Bush was placed on this earth by Jesus of Nazareth to massacre whoever he chooses, seriously believing it to be god’s will. You profess to be a pillar of Justice, and yet there is no justice in slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent people who NEVER did America a single wrong. Saddam Hussein was an evil man, there is no question, but he could NEVER, NOT EVER have posed any threat, in the past or in the future, to anyone other than his own people or those of perhaps Kuwait. Now that he is removed, the country is awash with lunatics far worse than Hussein ever was, and many, many, many more people will die, not just Iraqis but American, British and other coalition troops, before there is ever, if ever, any peace to fall in Iraq. Four British soldiers have lost their lives in the last 24 hours, but America probably doesn’t even know it because it ‘ain’t happenenin’ in my back yard’. The people who were responsible for 9/11 must be hunted down and dealt with, any sane, rational person with any sense of Justice must agree that. But that does not mean that America must pick on countries at will and destroy millions, simply because it CAN, because it failed spectacularly to catch the one man who DID cause the carnage at the World Trade Centre. I am not Anti-American. I am envious of much of your History and Culture, and know that there are many millions of decent Americans who feel the way that I do. To those who have taken offence at these comments, rest assured that I feel equally, if not more strongly about my own fellow countrymen here in the UK, particularly the Reverend Blair, the American Gofer. It is a given that the moronic and spineless nation here will re-elect him at the next election also. God Save us all!!!!

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