SOTU of Mass Deception-Related Blogging Activities

Atrios points out that the artless phrase “weapons of mass destruction-related program activities” wasn’t original, but actually appeared last October in an OpEd piece written by Republican congressman Peter Hoekstra of Michigan. Actually, the lifted quotation goes farther than that; both speech and article talk about “dozens of weapons of mass destruction-related program activities and significant amounts of equipment that Iraq concealed from the United Nations.” No, really.

Winston Smith of Philosoraptor doesn’t think much of the phrase.

Kevin Drum of CalPundit (whose post provided three of the four items mentioned here – plagiarism runs wild!) has this nifty timeline:

March 2003: Weapons of mass destruction.
June 2003: Weapons of mass destruction programs.
October 2003: Weapons of mass destruction-related programs.
January 2004: Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities.

Finally, USA Today offers some actually-really-good contextualizing of Bush’s statements in the speech.

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  1. Gus O. KaHAN Says:

    Chicken Little and Proliferating


    When Henny Penny said to Chicken Little, “Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities.”

    Then Chicken Little told Dubya, “Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities.” Then George W. Bush told us, “Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities,” and now we are all complicit in “Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities,” How does it feel to be a conspirator in WMD related proliferation? We here at Scari.Org find our involvement to be unsettling, knowing our only crime is free speech, dangerous as that is.

    The Patriot Act is the one measure to stamp out the proliferation of “Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities.” By calling to task, all those involved in “Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities” discussions, there still may be time to stamp out this disease before we, The American People, must declare pre-emptive war on the planet to save us from ourselves. Only by sticking to principle and signing a blood oath to forget that WMD were not responsible for our initial act of pre-emptive war can we be bound to the task at hand.

    Conundrum: Irony and paradox don’t fit into the Shibboleths of our current reality but yet the persistence of doubt carries on mindlessly authentic, reconciled in confusion with no intention of relenting a salient carbunkle on our psyche.

    Yes, we are as guilty as two ex-members of the Baath Party talking about those bastard Americans how they’d like to nuke’em till they glow.

    Pssst: Portal to the stars

    Gus O. Kahan

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