Helen Thomas’s Memory

I wonder how many people with “9/11: Never forget” bumper stickers support the Iraq war as an appropriate response to those attacks. I guess it’s hard to forget something (like who the perpetrators of those attacks actually were) when you never really knew it in the first place.

Anyway, that’s a different issue. In the year-end wrap-up vein, Helen Thomas has a nice column where she lists politicians’ statements from 2003 that voters would do well to remember: Some words better left unuttered.

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  1. R.Lyon Says:

    Attention DNC: Please don’t let up on this as the presidential campaign gets into full swing. Whoever is the Democratic candidate needs to able to use this and plenty of other “facts” this administration has lied to us about so that the corporate news outlets have no alternative but to show the public what most uninformed public doesn’t remember or possible want to know.

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