Stryker on Widescreen Movie Formats

Stryker is tragically broken in his non-appreciation of LOTR, but otherwise makes a good point about the weirdness of people who prefer panned-and-scanned over widescreen: Challenging your beliefs.

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  1. John F Says:


    OK, I’ll admit – not only am I a movie geek but a videophilie of sorts as well. I bought my DVD player in June of 1998 (at about $400 — the new ones cost a third of the price and can do twice as many things as mine can)…. Two things happened after I got my player: I stopped watching VHS movies all together (even though not many films were in DVD format just yet in 1998) and started reading The Digital Bits chronically.

    Reading Bill Hunt, I learned about the differences between pan and scan and widescreen… I started making it a habit to watch movies in widescreen to see the differences, and all I can say is that I dread pan and scan now..

    I wonder how Stryker’s friend is going to react in a few years when the HD format becomes the standard and not only are most movies presented in widescreen, but TV too? (speaking of which, does that numb-nuts friend ever watch certain popular TV shows now? ER, Soprano’s, Sex and the City — all presented in widescreen)

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