Dogpile on Kynn!

Kynn of Shock & Awe does a really nice job of pointing out some glaring hypocrisy from reigning überblogger Glenn Reynolds: Instapundit and Communist protesters. Everybody else is linking to him, so I thought I’d get my head in the trough.

One Response to “Dogpile on Kynn!”

  1. a_stupid_box Says:

    No bashing on Kynn intended, but EVERYONE is a bit of a hypocrite in one form or another. Being glamourized for pointing it out in someone else is like calling someone an artist for laying down a line of glue and tossing glitter on it.

    Sure, it’s fun to point out hypocrisy in others (especially the self-righteous) but doing so without any other purpose is childish, akin to stirring a bees’ nest.

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