Please Don’t Come To Our New Years “Extravanganza”

This choice little ditty is just too classic to let slide: The Mayor of London wants the city to have
“an extravanganza to rival the spectacular fireworks displays that cities such as Sydney and Los Angeles have become noted for” — but he doesn’t want it to be very long, and he doesn’t want any one to come see it.
The fireworks will cost 330,000 ($576,000 US) and will only last 2 minutes long — a show put on purely to create a video-bite that can be broadcast world wide. Londoners are actively being told to “stay home” and watch it on TV, becuase having a lot of people there in person may “ruin the effect” for the TV cameras, and the world audience.
Yea-Ha London, you folks really know how to party!

2 Responses to “Please Don’t Come To Our New Years “Extravanganza””

  1. John F Says:

    Sorta like staying in when you go to Vegas…. Forget the strip! Mini Bar!!!!

    Or perchance keeping yoruself away from teh Grand Canyon when in Zrizona to see it’s natural wonders….

    And of coruse, who can forget, staying below see level or at sea level when in New York. Last thing you want to do is get a sight from a tall building…

    That is what I find comparable to staying home for a New Years Eve extravaganza.

  2. a_stupid_box Says:

    Well, at least it shows there are daft leaders in the rest of the world and not just the U.S.A.

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