Scratching a Legal Itch

Generally speaking, I think there are way too many lawyers in the world, mucking the place up. But then I see stories like this one, and it occurs to me that maybe what we really need is more lawyers, so that when cops or landlords, or telemarketers, or TSA goons get cocky and think they can walk all over people, they’ll get a rude surprise when the person they are trying to take advantage of says “By the way, I’m a lawyer, and you’re way out of line, and I’m going to sue your ass so hard you’ll wish you were dead.”

Maybe then people in positions of authority would think twice before abusing their power.

Eh, probably not.

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  1. Sterling Doughty Says:

    Bush doesn’t care about or even understand the concept of democracy. Since 911, the US has installed about a dozen military bases in Arab and former Soviet states, none of which are functional democracies.

    And with the Patriot Act, the permanent detention of American citizens and others without trial in the U.S: and Guantanamo, he has moved America clearly in the direction of the Miltant Corporatist state, a sort of new and improved National Socialism.

    The Wimp of Mass Destruction is a pathological liar and a danger to the entire world except for the extremely rich and the leaders of totalitarian states.

    Bambi turns over in his grave every time WMD opens his mouth.

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