Ann Coulter vs. Al Franken

Bryan Keefer at Spinsanity has an excellent write-up of a recent column in which nutjob Ann Coulter attempted to deflect some of Al Franken’s recent charges against her: Coulter’s questionable corrections. Keefer points out how, in defending herself against charges that she employed shoddy research, mischaracterized things, and misled people, Coulter employed shoddy research, mischaracterized things, and misled people.

Hey, at least she’s consistent.

Keefer’s conclusion: “The trivial number of corrections to Slander, as well as Coulter’s refusal to engage her critics on most of the substantive issues they have raised, suggest that she’s more interested in advancing her political agenda than factual accuracy.” Really? You think?

Update: In an unrelated piece of Coulter-bashing, I noticed the following on Steve Gilliard’s permalink challenged weblog, under the heading “Pet Peeve” (in which he was going off pretty entertainingly on Bill O’Reilly):

Hell, even Ann Coulter attacks people who can attack back. Sure, she can call Molly Ivins a traitor and Evan Thomas, the son of Norman Thomas, even though his name is Evan Thomas, Jr. But they can respond in kind and ask about her adams apple and the fact that there was no child named Ann Coulter born in Connecticut in 1962-63.

Am I interpreting this correctly? Is there an Ann-Coulter-was-born-a-man meme that I’ve somehow missed? Because that would be thoroughly hilarious if it turned out to be true. Can you imagine what it would do to the minds of the social conservatives? Bill Bennett: compulsive gambler. Rush Limbaugh: drug addict. Ann Coulter: transsexual. Wow.

Another update: Oh, yeah. Where have I been? A couple from Boondocks lately: here and here. And you can just do a Google search on “Ann Coulter adam’s apple” and knock yourself out. My favorite result is this one.

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  1. John F Says:

    We’ve been joking about Ann-born-a-man on a message forum….

    This puts an even bigger spin on things

  2. gmanedit Says:

    Probably that refers to her lying about her age.

  3. John F Says:

    True… But I like the amusing spin on it :)

  4. Ted K Says:

    Thanks for spotting this – you inspired me to rant.

    Ted K.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Norman Thomas is Evan Thomas’ grandfather.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    How come this website doesn’t mention all the lies in Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine?

  7. John Callender Says:

    Two answers:

    1) Because Hardy is a tool.

    2) Actually, the site does mention it. Use the search thingy.

  8. Al Franken Says:

    Most, if not all of the Franken chapter on Coulter is on

  9. Anonymous Says:

    is she /he “mint julep” on bill maher’s message board?

  10. Nameless Says:

    Yes, the Adam’s-Apple bearing Ann Coulter… Whatever happened to her womanhood? Oh well, you can check out whatever happened to her facts here:

  11. Rob Young Says:

    Maybe some day you’ll wake up and become an independent and converse about real issues. You really want to spend you life talking about meaningless topics. I mean really…when your lying on your death bed are you going to wish that you could get one last personal jab at a political rival?

  12. night heron Says:

    Al franken is a idiot a bean brained twit and we all know how the liberals like to trash conservative authors why else are the gushing over clinton latest book

  13. Wayne "The Brain" Says:

    Conservative author!? You consider Ann CVoulter an author. It is clear by your writing here you are no expert when it comes to writing. Ann Coulter is a lazy writer. she really is what is known in writing as “lazy? If you know how to do research on facts printed in books, you would find that ann Coulter is one of the laziest regarding her support on alleged facts. I did some lexis-nexis on her alleged quotes and facts. I can tell you that she was wrong on about 80% of her rantings and had no real source material that supported her allegations. The only other writer that comes close is Bernie Goldberg. His wruitings are literally lies. he makes ambiguos statements and then says he uses scientific means and does not have to show his sources or support his statements. he thinks that his comments are obvious and support themselves. A great example is where he says Ted kennedy is “never” referred to as a liberal when being mentioned on major news media. he says that in response to his claim that conservatives are always referred to as not just republicans but as conservative republicans if they in fact are. I as well as professional writers and researchers found that Kennedy statement to be so far off base it is laughable. kennedy was not only referred to as a liberal many times but many of those times as the leading liberal in the senate.
    Ann coulter is famous for her rants that make no sense. She spends more time making personal attacks and name calling than she does discussing issues and topics of the day. I could go on and on but it generally is meaning less to do so with dittoheads and anyone who thinks Coulter is something and especially an author.

  14. Wayney Baby Says:

    She was born in 1961.

  15. Thomas Jenkins Says:

    RE: website sentiment in collective terms: All wrong. I will join Ms. Coulter in her sentiment of the left: Liberals are like children – mental atrophy cases who cannot and do not win arguments/debates on merit. Emotion is everything to these *morons of the left* – logic means nothing, nor does history (which contravenes everything they stand for – which, if we can define that at all, clearly changes with the wind, as these nut cases are just a tad indecisive ;-). To the fool ass liberals mind, we are to live in a paternalistic, nurturing welfare state comprised of the lazy, redistribute wealth and ignore concepts of freedom and liberty as defined by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution at home and abroad. Values mean nothing and morals are superfluous. The modern American liberal is the stupidest, most loathesome, tunnel-visioned cretin on the planet, unable to think in independent terms – able only to jump on bandwagons and initiate filthy, libelous/slanderous accusatory smear. He/she exemplifies the worst the human race has to offer.

    Who am I to make such statements? Oh, nobody. Just a poor soul honors graduate in journalism with an IQ of 190, political scholar and expert on international studies, foreign policy and macro economics.

  16. Shrek Says:

    Ann Coulter needs to cut back red meat, Needs to be completely vegiterian without onions (Specially Red). Need to have SEX everyday twice (at least) to relax. And see a Doctor for the constant period she is suffering from. There is a similarity between her and a terorist…. both are haters to the extreme.
    God help her and the terorists as well.

  17. Liberal: Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded. Says:

    RE:RE:Thomas Jenkins
    You may be smart and well educated, but you are by far the most childish person on this page. Wow

    Where does all this anger toward liberals come from? The most progressive and thought provoking reforms in modern history are “liberal” by definition.

  18. Common Sense Says:

    RE:Comment by Thomas Jenkins
    Wow. All I can say is wow. For such a smart person you sure are quite immature. Is boasting of your supposed intellectual superiority supposed to make us all bow to your mighty online visage? Your writing style and arguments do not support your claims of intelligence. You claim “website sentiment in collective terms” but then go and lump every person with political views slightly askew to yours together as extremist bleeding heart liberals! You state “cannot and do not win arguments/debates on merit”, yet all you do is make ad hominem attacks against every person who is not inline with your views. “fool ass liberals mind” was a nice touch too. You’ve obvisoulsy reached the heights of hypocracy with your statements, as all you are doing is jumping on Ann’s bandwagon and making slanderous claims. Wow.
    ~Common Sense~
    P.S. My dear Thomas Jenkins, I live in Mississippi. I go to church, support gun rights, and am against abortion. Yet I’m still a liberal. I have a Masters in Computer Science, and also graduated with honors for my Bachelor degree. I minored in Mathematics, which, by your examples makes me an “expert” in logic. Also, anyone worth their salt knows IQ does not measure intelligence, but performance on a test, and after the age of 16 is rather meaningless.

  19. Another Liberal Says:

    RE:Comment by Thomas Jenkins

    Who am I to make such statements? Oh, nobody. Just a poor soul honors graduate in journalism with an IQ of 190, political scholar and expert on international studies, foreign policy and macro economics.

    Then you are familiar with the concept of an “Argument from Authority”. This is when someone makes wild claims and when they cannot support them with facts will instead claim that an ‘expert’ in the field agrees with them. Your post exemplifies this type of poor argumentative style, but you must have known that with your 190 IQ, right?

    Ann Coulter has been shown repeatedly to be nothing more than a right-wing zealot. Her writing is laced with (I believe intentional) inaccuracies and when they are pointed out to her, she tries to bully or distract her interviewer. Remember, everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts…

    P.S. Since you seem to believe that the more intelligent a person is, the more weight their opinions have, let me add this. I have degrees in both Mathematics and Physics, with honors, and a Ph.D. in Astrophysics.

  20. matt Says:

    dear common sense, in what way ARE you liberal? i consider myself a pro-gun leftist, as i feel it is hippocritical for a democrat to want everyone to have all those supposed egalitarian beliefs and not want anyone to own guns. by anti- abortion, do you feel you want a law imposed on women that they can’t terminate a pregnancy? if not, you’re pro choice, just anti abortion on a personal level.

    i feel the only way for anyone to be truly liberal, everyone should have equal rights, and laws imposing social rules on its citezans (even forcing equality) is unethical. however, as a true liberal i also believe in regulation of economy, big business, etc. since such things aren’t living sentient creatures with feelings.

  21. RumpL4skn Says:

    When I saw the guy with the IQ of 190, I had to post something here.

    I myself happen to have an IQ of 627. I’m also extremely attractive, educated at Oxford, I’m fluent in 12 languages, I play 11 other instruments, I’m a snappy dresser, can dance the Minute Waltz in 58.4 seconds, and I’ve dated every woman you’ve ever had filthy dreams about.

    Actually, I don’t even have an opinion on anything. I just love to describe myself.

  22. conservativesareweak Says:

    I love the comment by the guy with the IQ of 190 as if his college degree has anything to do with the validity of the statement that he has made about extreme liberals. If Ann Coulter says that liberals are imature that why is she entitleing her book ” how to talk to liberals if you must” shant we say this is a weeee bit childish? You all should be interested in the Q and A posted on her website where she makes childish comments in response to serious questions asked by a liberal, instead of giving intellegent reasons. I expecially love the part at the end where she tells liberals to grow up, when her entire book in name calling and shitty uproven arguments and name calling.

    conservatives shouldn’t be mad at the world because they are weak minded it’s not their fault i just think of people like Ann Coulter as small children…. you just sort of smile and shake your head at them.

  23. H. Dean Says:

    Re: “She was born in 1961.”

    The Washington Post reported that:

    * Coulter’s Connecticut driver’s license lists her birth as December 1961.

    * Her D.C. driver’s license, acquired many years later, says she was born in December 1963.

    * The birth date on file at the New Canaan, Conn., voter registration office is Dec. 8, 1961.

    In an effort to clear up all this confusion, a member of The Post’s crack research team phoned the New Canaan registrar of voters, who chuckled, checked his records and reported that Coulter registered to vote in 1980, when presumably she was the legal minimum voting age of 18. That would make her 40 today.

    But when we reached Coulter, she predictably stuck to her guns. “It’s like the difference in being thrown off the 13th floor or the roof,” she e-mailed us. “So the upside is, I’m two years younger than at least some newspapers have said I am, but the downside is, I’m still 38. Yikes!”

    Of course, by now we know that Coulter, who wrote, “Liberal Lies About the American Right,” is really 43. It is like being thrown off the 16th floor now. Just like that.

  24. conrruption Says:

    Con lies about the American left.

    Coulter should feel privildged to speak the truth.

    Of course she knows nothing about it. This is why it evades her thought pattern.

  25. conrruption Says:

    Just like Rush, Ann has one perogative. To make people believe her one sided views.

    Rush only wants ratings to charge ungodly prices for ad airtime. He says this himself.

    Coulter. She has no excuse other than selling books.

    Anyone recall James Frey?

    Ann has had to many bad trips and needs to come in for rehab.

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