Drum: How Are We Doing in Iraq?

Kevin Drum of Calpundit takes a look at the current Iraq situation, trying to divine the truth from the various competing storylines: How are we doing in Iraq? His conclusion? Things aren’t going very well. Hard to dispute his logic.

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  1. s butler Says:

    basically…i don’t think iraq is worth wasting american lives over…our sacrifice today will be of little consequence in 5 yrs. develop an exit plan to have all troops gone w/in 1 year and do it now.

  2. sonia Says:

    We are paying Iraq “soldiers” to fight for their own cause. If this was really a cause that the Iraq people believed in, we would not need to be paying them. Our American forces are sitting targets — they drive their unarmoured vehicles on long streches of highways that are travelled by ordinary Iraq citizens, subjecting them as sitting ducks to attacks by anyone (children are even throwing greanades at them). Our soldiers are sitting ducks, targets in uniform, civil war has broken out, and there is no effective diplomatic end in sight. Even if we were to pull out now, there would be thousands lost in casualties, as the roads that lead out of Baghdad are strewn with road-side bombs (American made bombs used during the Iran-Iraq war to boot). What a biblical mess. In my opinion, get our men and women out of Iraq….Let the sand niggers fight it out themselves.

  3. sonia Says:

    It is late at night, and I see that I made some spelling errors in my last post. I am going to make this following message very clear — get our American soldiers out of Iraq. Americans here in the states no longer believe in this war. The daily casualty numbers that we see – we are becoming numb to. Do we really want to have Americans here at home becoming numb to the loss of casualties simply because we no longer want to face that we are LOSING this battle? According to independent journalists out in the field, the number of American casualties is actually at least twice as high as what is actually reported on MSNBC or CNN. Take a look at the news websites of the middle-east — you will find a stark difference in the news that is reported, with actual battle footage showing our American troops being slaughtered in more numbers than what our American television stations are reporting.

  4. sonia Says:

    Here is some clarification for those of you who see my previous statements as offensive. The people who voted for the re-election of George W. Bush are gun owners — southern states predominantly pro-gun ownership. Why? Because these people see the future of anarchy. People who own a gun believe that they need protection. The true reason that they feel that they need their own means of protection is because they KNOW that the leadership of this country not doing everything to protect the person (the individual) from harm. There are signs postes throughout our state….”Hunters for Bush” or “Gun-owners for Bush.” Think about this…seriously…..if Americans truly felt safe, we would have no need for self gun ownership — we would believe that our government was doing all that it could to protect us as individuals. This is NOT the case, and this is why I believe that Bush Jr. won the second election — not because people love Bush Jr., but because people are so afraid, and Bush Jr. at least advocated personal gun owership! Look at it this way…… If we are to invade a country who is suffering, surely the average person would be more than willing to fight for a cause of righteousness—right? Wrong. In Iraq, the culture is extremely differenty. People want order, yet they want to adhere to their own way of life (outside of the American oppupational way of life). To them, Americans are now the enemy, simply because we did not take the steps that were so necessary to make the people Iraq see that we were intervening to HELP them, and not to overtake their country. Unfortunately, what has happened….Halliburton (the largest OIL company) has taken over. The people of Iraq see Halliburton employees driving around in armoured vehicles, receiving VIP status — even over the miliatry operaants — and suddenly the picture changes. The Iraq people see an over-taking of their country — not a leberations — but an overtaking. Now, there are children throwing hand-grenades at our troops when they approach our American humvees. There are families infuriated at the way our troops have stormed into their homes, held parents and grandparents and gunpoints — innocent people — but American soldiers have been forced to do this because they are being attacked from private homes. Okay, I mentioned in an earlier post that Iraq people are “Sand Niggers.” This is a derogatory remark related to the lack of understanding of what the American military is trying to do in Iraq. Basically, the Iraq people are not hip to what we are trying to do. Therefore, they do not see Saddam and his regime as the enemy, they only see Americans as the enemy — we are now to blame for EVERYTHING! Personally, I think that we should have left Iraq along, strengthened our own US borders, and confiscated and detained any middle-eastern person entering our system. Now that we have gone as far as bombing another country………we are considered the EVIL empire that resides throughout the world… and we have an idiot zealot leading us into oblivion.

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