The Strange Case of Brianna Stewart and Treva Throneberry

Courtesy of Hiro’s ABC News habit, here’s an interesting story about a 34-year-old woman who insists she’s both 21 and a completely different person (and was willing to spend two years in prison and go through high school all over again rather than admit the truth about who she was): Search for identity.

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  1. Stephtina Biloster Says:

    I think that brianna should be locked up for the rest of her miserable life. She falsely took someone else’s idenity and belongs in jail with the rats. Why did she take that name? Why couldn’t take the name of Stephtina? I hope she can eat the rats while she rots in prison. She’s probably a sexual preditor on the prowl. I’m scared for my childrens safety in school. If one person can steal someone’s identity what stops other people from doing it. Is she currently out of jail? obviously that lady is crazy and shouldn’t be let out. Thanks for listening to my ranting and ravings. I appreciate this site and think everyone should be aware of the all mentally disturbed people in our world.

  2. Julie Thompson Says:

    This woman has problems more complex than most of us can understand. But there is no proof that she took someone else’s identity or is a sexual prditor. She is somene who suffered some horrible trauma years ago and has yet to deal with it. I am also curious to know if she has been diagnosed with a dual personality disorder, since she is so adament about her story, to the point of not wanting a lawyer, and repeatedly denying all allegations towards her? This is a fascinating and curious story, and I would love to hear more about it.

    Julie T.

  3. Tawny S. Says:

    Treva obviously has issues – however, she didn’t steal anyone’s identity – she allowed herself to be fingerprinted in order to obtain a SSN for herself under the name of Brianna Stewart – which led to the discovery that she is really Treva Throneberry (fingerprints on file due to prior arrests). I wish that she would receive psychological testing. Unfortunately, she is most likely a borderline personality, and there isn’t much help for those. They enjoy creating chaos for everyone around them. In order for her to receive help and make something of her life, Treva really needs to face the facts, and I hope that someday soon she will.

  4. Robin Miller Says:

    Who cares if she was trying to be someone else? Look at the facts; did it hurt anyone? She evidently has some issues and needs to work thru them but using a different name is not against the law; she wanted to start over with a new life probably for reasons we do not know; maybe if we knew we would even agree with her. Point is dont blow something out of proportion; she wasnt a drug user; a prostitute; a murderer; she just wanted to start over; something many of us would like to do because at some point in our lives we all make mistakes and wish we could change them.

  5. EHS Alumni Says:

    Fact 1: she wasn’t violent, creepy, a sexual predator or any of those things people are assuming about her.

    In fact, she was unremarkable, quiet, sweet, eager to please. I thought of her fondly during the year we played together on the tennis team. I knew her on and off the court – and never thought in a million years this would be the truth about the girl who wore braids every day.

    She has mental problems, and she needs help. By saying that all crazy people are rapists and murderers, you are perpetuating a stereotype of people who have mental disorders. That is exactly what’s wrong with our society, we’d rather lock these people up and leave them to rot rather than give them help.

    For the record, when she was dating Ken, he was 18 – so no, she’s also not guilty of statutory rape either.

  6. concerned friend Says:

    I am curious. There was no proof presented during the trial of this ‘person’. Oh, sure the dna done before the trial? well, for the record, when she asked for this in court, the prosecutor asked the judge if he could change the way that she was charged to “Jane Doe”. He said that the validity of the results would be questionable because of blood transfusions and so forth that Treva’s parents had recently undergone and etc. He was afraid that if the test came back as saying that she wasn’t Treva Throneberry, taht he would blow his case. Of course the Judge made the prosecutor keep things as were, and allowed the test even though the validity, no matter which way it turned out, would be questionable. Of course the media took the results as a declaration of god or some such foolishness; and as I am pointing out:
    1. The judge called her Ms.Stewart during her trial because there was a question of identity presented.
    As for her conviction of the charges? well, I am surprised. There was a submission of a dental analysis which stated that Brianna was between late teens to early 20s. THERE WAS NO WAY THAT SHE COULD HAVE BEEN 31 or 32 years of age. So, I guess the jury decided to ignore the facts of a professional concerning age.
    As for the fingerprints–well, lets just say that they were not exactly a match. May I point out that in resent news, the lawyer that was allegedly involved in that Spain bombing got cleared? He was accused based on a fingerprint comparison, yet cleared when further scrutiny of the fingerprint found in Spain was examined more closely. So, as you can see His prints were almost an exact match to the one in Spain, that one ridgeline of difference set him free and proved that it wasn’t his print found in spain.
    I believe that the comparisons of fingerprints between Brianna and Treva were very similer; but did anyone listen when she pointed out the ridgeline, deltas and etc of differnce in court? Obviously, its a numbers crunch and so even the jury disregarded the possibility and truth that the prints were not an exact a match as the prosecution and media would have everyone believe.
    Brianna stayed in Vancouver Wa, and attended 3 years of high school. Only one school photo was one that she wore braids in. Her Sophmore and especially her senior year, her hair was down. And in reality, she looked no different than any of her classmates.
    Her clothing? Obviously she couldn’t afford much but she wasn’t the only one to were overalls. Just look through the 1997-98 and 1999-2000 yearbooks. Its all so public and available.
    Her mental condition? She went through counseling. And the judge reviewed over 2 yrs worth of records, and found that she was competent to represent herself. She did a remarkable job for someone forced to represent herself in an effort to have a honest defense. I believe she is innocent. Even in recent interviews the media made her look bad(whose pockets are they in?)Yet the photo footage of Brianna is one of a woman in her early 20s.
    The prosecution and the media played together to slander and defame Brianna. What was it? Reelections time for official positions or what?
    Brianna’s life was different than most, yet if you look around-she is just a normal person, unique and in her own circumstances. You cannot put your life circumstances or your impression of what a normal life is like on to someone else.
    As for her resemblance to Treva Throneberry? The photos shown in court trial were of a 16 to 17 yearold Treva Throneberry from the 1980’s. These photos were compared to Brianna who was what? 19 years old. Isn’t it strange that the photos of a teenager from the 80’s would be said to be identical to a 19 year old in 2001? WHOA!!!!Big differnce here. What would have happened if there were photos of Treva Throneberry at her then-current age of 31 or 32 shown in the 2001 trial? People can look identical and still not be related or the same person. If is the question here. If Brianna was compared to a 31 or 32 year old at the time of her trial–obviously, simiarities could be noted, but a 31 year old has a mature face and age signs. Brianna would have been found to NOT be Treva Throneberry. Obviously, another fact that the jury didn’t bother to consider.
    Oh, I almost forgot. She also presented medical documents that confirmed her growth during the 3 years of high school. She grew and it was noted by medical professionals. Yet another fact the jury and media ignored. 31 or 32 year olds do not grow. Now a person in her ‘late teens to early 20s’ would. Brianna presented evidence that god, jury, judge andt etc.. chose to ignore. At least it was submitted.
    Brianna presented true evidence concerning her age which was submitted during the trial. A dental professional stated in writing that she was in her “late teens to early 20s”. And of course, the medical physicals done by professions, which marked the fact that she had been growing while she was in high school. And lets not forget the discrepencies of the fingerprint ridges, deltas, and etc.. that she pointed out.
    Face it. The prosecution could not afford to lose the case, so he railroaded and took advantage of an 19 yr old college student, who was not educated in Law and was backed into a corner and had to represnt herself for whatever reasons. She was innocent. The media compete for the limelight ratings, so they stayed in the prosecutors shadow and played everything he did just for the ratings. Never mind innocence and truth.
    How a person wears their hair or dresses does not really influence how old they look. Ever look at her face? No makeup, no coverup–just her face. She looked her age: late teens to early 2o’s. She never concealed her face with makeup. In fact, by braiding or pulling her hair back only showed her face more and again, confirmed her late teens to early 20s age. It is not a crime for someone to look their age. She was young. She was not a 31 or 32 year old. Dental records and medical record of her growth proves this.
    As for her appeal to the courts? Obviously, the courts have to rule for the prosecution in this case. If they ruled in her favor, the state of washington would be obligated to pay her a lot of money–which isn’t in the states budget priorities. And of course, it would point out the waste of taxpayers money on a trial that should never have happened in the first place. If u think about it? She spent like what? 3 yrs in jail and prison? To house an inmate, it cost approx. $23,000 dollars per year. Ask the money crunchers, or search the net–Department of Corrections budgeting and etc…
    One other thing. She is being held accountable for restitution of like $19000 dollars which grows in interest, so it must be close to $30, ooo right now. How will she ever repay something that keeps growing and growing? Its like triple sentences hanging over her head. A sure case of excessive punishments. Yet allowed by the constitution.We are really not as protected as much as we would like to believe we are by the constitution. It’s sad when the system falls through the cracks.
    For the record Brianna’s sex life was never an issue. She was not sexually active and had no sexual relations with anyone while in high school. Obviously, if this would have been an issue–it would have been in the courts. Its amazing how many people think they know all there is to know about Brianna, yet really, they don’t know squat!
    I am very interested in anything concerning Brianna. She is an innocent person who was sacrificed to the media by over zealous prosecutors and judges who never allowed anyone to focus on true facts–just speculation. Like the lady who claimed to have been Treva Throneberry’s fosterparent in the late 80s. She says that Treva was in her home for a period of 5 months when she was 16 years of age. Well, eye witnesses credibility is questionable. This lady alleged to have known a 16 year old Treva whom she had not seen since Treva was 16. Wierd huh? Teenagers change grow mature; they do not continue to look 16 or 17 or etc.. when they are 31 or 32. Age happens. This lady claimed that Brianna was Treva based solely on appearance. Even that detective who claimed that Brianna told in the early 90’s that she was going by a whole list of alias, only presented eye witness. No fingerprints, no documents, no recording, no witnesses —to this alleged conversation between him and Brianna.
    One thing, why would someone tell a cop that she used a whole string of names? Its funny that the cop identifing Brianna AS Treva did so solely on appearance. No real proof. No witnesses to this allegbed conversation and etc. What everyone believes that a person wearing a badge is always credible and honest??Hellooo?Corruption within the blues is not new news! He presented no proof, no fingerprints, no witnesses to this alleged conversation—Yet everyone believed him because he sat behind a badge!!
    OBVIOUSLY, he wanted some limelight recognition. I wonder, did he get the promotion that he hoped for or the recognition?
    Everyone always wants their 15 minutes of fame. Friends lie, observers in need of attention–say anything to get it.
    Need I add that the real Treva Throneberry allegedly traveled from place to place, making up stuff about a devil cult, never staying in one place for very long?
    Brianna Stewart did not travel around. She did not run to the police and report devil cults or whatever. Her record in VancouverWA contains no devil cult reportings, no cult rapes or whatever.I assume that police reports are public. And she always cooperated with law enforcement. It was no secret that she had blocked out periods of her life and that she was in counseling. She could only remember being “Brianna”since the age of four. What child ever recalls their name younger than four? She was an open person who trusted the law enforcement authorities to help her. She never once gave up hope on finding her own birth record info. and her belief that the justice systems Of course the prosecution colored this as bad. But her willingness to answer questions and open her life like a book to law enforcement speaks so loudly of a miscarriage of justice. The system she sought to protect her—allowed her to be victimized by them.
    She was a kid. She went to school. She lived in Wa for like 6 years.

  7. Evergreen Says:

    RE: Concerned Friend.

    Dear Treva,

    I don’t understand what your agenda is? You still write these painfully long and boring stories about yourself. Of course this time you made it sound like it was somebody elses opinion than your own. I liked that part the best, when you made it sound like this person was genuinely concerned with the unfounded points of your “Case.” You don’t seem to want to give up. I must say I admire your stubbornness, (is that a word?) anyways, that was what I like about you when we knew each other, you were so stubborn that you got what you wanted, every time. So the $64,000 question is, Why are you still pertending to be someone you’re not? I know it was hard for you back in Texas, I swung by Electra on my way back to Washington, it really was a hole and you were right to get out of there. But Why has that time in your life made you want to jump from town to town and house to house. It’s a waste of life, if you ask me. (But then again you didn’t, this is just my opinion.) Look, I wish you would stop being a pain in the “Arse.” (Remember when you used to say that all of the time?) If you changed your name legally from Treva Throneberry to whatever you might just have a shot at making a nice life for yourself. Instead of writing up appeals for this stupid point that you’re trying to make with the courts. I mean, seriously, fingerprints and DNA, come on. The execute people with less evidence than that. So why do you keep insisting that they don’t match after people with substantially more education, reputation and ID (Wink) than you say that they do. It doesn’t matter, if prison won’t change your mind then I guess nothing will, but I do hope that you will figure out some day that the world doesn’t revolve around you and WAKE UP!! Oh, and by the way, Pastor Sam says hi, I used to Manage his smoothie shop on broadway, you should stop in for a drink!
    So I’d just like to close in saying, if you’re going to have anymore court dates give me a call, I’ll round up some of our old friends so we can all set your story straight. But if you would prefer to just keep on pretending to be younger than you really are, just keep up these goofy letters and maybe somebody your age will buy you a bus ticket thinking you’re 15 years old, (Wouldn’t that be a new adventure!) But seriously, if you ever need a place to stay, Joey’s dad replaced the camera in the light bulb in the spare room, fresh linens too!

    Keep it real!


  8. dabneyh00per Says:

    Re: Concerned Friend,

    If you are or know Brianna Stewart, can you please get in touch with me?

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