Wesley Clark, Phone Home

Raising memories of the “Al Gore lies again!” silliness from the 2000 campaign, righties are making much of Wesley Clark’s having been quoted in Newsweek as saying, “I would have been a Republican if Karl Rove had returned my phone callls.” (When asked, Clark explained that it was a joke.) For some saner coverage of the issue, I like CalPundit: A modest request.

I’d also like to link to Steve Gilliard’s comments on it, but his weblog seems to be permalink challenged at the moment. I guess you can go there and scroll down looking for the headline, “Nonsense about Wesley Clark”. My favorite part is this:

George Bush spent his entire career in the service of private gain and failed miserably at it. Wesley Clark spent his career in the service of the public good and succeeded wildly. If I was in the White House, I’d be nervous.

Gilliard makes some nice comments about Dean, too.

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  1. TJ Jackson Says:

    If Bush was such a failure why is he president rather than you dear editor? Further, if Mr. Clark is such a success as a military man why was he both removed from his command in NATO and managed to preside over a failed campaign against Serbia? My contacts in the Army and AF who had the “honor” of serving under him in the Balkans have flat out said he is a posterboy for all that is wrong with career military officers. However, I can understand why Democrats would rush to vote for a man who would have been a Republican had only Karl Rove returned his phone call. Unfortunately, it appears Mr. Clark was using his fantasy phone again. For a public official to be caught out in so many lies so soon brings to mind another fellow from Arkansas, renowned for his integrity and his great international standing with the French and renowned for his use of the casting couch. But what have you accomplished in life to smirk about compared to the president?

  2. John Callender Says:

    Duh. He was joking.

    I appreciate your willingness to contribute to the conversation. But I’d be much more interested in hearing your own thoughts rather than just hearing sound bites parrotted from AM radio.

  3. Tommy Says:

    Uh, no—the two men to whom Weasley clark made the remarks have stated emphatically that Clark was NOT joking when he made them. Keep trying! I can’t wait to see your explanations of how Waco Weasley ended up sharing a Kodak moment with a known war criminal!

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