Krugman: The Campaign Will Be Ugly

Paul Krugman looks at the Bush team’s track record, and their current situation, and draws what looks to me like an inescapable conclusion: the 2004 presidential campaign will be sordid and ugly, even by modern presidential-campaign standards. Which is saying a lot. Exploiting the atrocity.

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  1. Richard Provost Says:

    Re. Paul Krugman’s “Exploiting the Atrocity,” it’s pure (and puerile) partisan nonsense.

    Paul Krugman’s accusations demonstrate a level of intellectual dishonesty I’ve never before seen in the Op-Ed pages. Even stipulating that Bush uses 9/11 for political purposes (which can be debated as far as degree and appropriateness)… so what?? It’s at worst a venial sin. Krugman is disingenuously hysterical over something that would be expected from any politician. His intellectual dishonesty begins with what he doesn’t say: that any Democrat would use 9/11 in a similar fashion (just imagine the amount of lip-biting that Clinton would do). The ultimate laugher comes right on the heels of the allegation that Bush now produces his own TV shows, when Krugman blames the president for NOT showing up at the 9/11 commemoration. Which is it? Is Bush an exploiter or is he a neglecter? Captain Yossarian knows about this game.

    But the biggest cheap shot in this foaming-at-the-mouth polemic comes when Krugman decides to accuse the administration of “major scandals” based on his feelings. Hey, when facts aren’t available just go ahead and make the most heinous allegations possible based on “suggestions.” The effect is essentially the same, isn’t it? The message is put in the minds of readers without the messy burden of proof. Then vaulting into absurdity, Krugman predicts that the 2004 election will be the nastiest ever …from the Republican side! …from the Republican side! (Rim shot here.) All I can say at this point is that Krugman’s clinical hatred for Bush has completely unhinged him. Incapable of forming a rational argument, he resorts to the basest form of personal vilification – over and over – upping the ante in every column. What I predict is that at this rate he’ll be accusing George W. Bush of personally masterminding 9/11, the holocaust, and slavery within the month.

    Oh, and I’ll look forward to the New York Times’ articles about Bush-haters. You know, just like all those articles on Clinton-haters, right? Hello? Hello?

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