Care and Feeding of the Nature Spirits in Your Computer

From the Spring 2003 issue of New Witch magazine, courtesy of Popular Science, courtesy of Janus: The real reason your computer keeps crashing.

Thanks to Ymatt, too, for the nice Houdini image for the new category icon.

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  1. hossman Says:

    The part of this that really blows me away, is that there *IS* a “New Witch Magazine”…

    …a real, printed, published, magazine — that you can order a subscription to, or buy from “most Borders and Barnes & Noble stores throughout the U.S.”

    Highlights from recent issues: “13 Sexy Reads for Your Beltane Boudoir”, “Invoking Buffy”, “The Many Paths of Pagan Activism”, “7 Steps to Holiday Magic Without Trashing Your Budget”, and the advice column “Good Witch / Bad Witch” — tackling hte issues faced by modern Wikka’s from the perspectives of both the Light and the Dark side of the force.

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