Baghdad Burning on the Economics of Reconstruction

Here’s an interesting perspective from an Iraqi author who runs the numbers on the costs of rebuilding her country: The promise and the threat.

As with the bogosity of the data that was being offered six months ago to justify the war, the truth about what is going on here is transparently obvious to anyone with an Internet connection and an inquiring mind. This is a get-rich-quick scam, pure and simple, in which the Very Bad Men currently running this country take a whole lot of other people’s money and give it to their friends.

4 Responses to “Baghdad Burning on the Economics of Reconstruction”

  1. doctorwes Says:

    “Her” country, surely?

  2. John Callender Says:

    Oh, hey, right you are. Fixed. Thanks.

  3. Tariq Qureshi Says:

    Nice to hear yet another independent voice on the net, exposing an aspect of the “American” bigot-headedness.

    Here’s the Bush administration agenda … let’s learn from Israel. We do to Iraq what Israel does to Palestine, and help India do the same to Kashmir (even if Indian forces had killed 60,000+ civilians) … but wait, if it’s E. Timor, let’s resolve the situation according to the will of the poeple …

    Do we see a strategy here?

  4. Rosey Posey Says:

    Finally! I’ve been searching all over for a website that questions “Riverbend’s” blogger! I had to read part of it for school, which first of all is ridiculous! But beyond that…I was wondering…does anyone KNOW for a fact that Riverbend is in Iraq? Or that she is even a woman? I mean she has nothing to prove any of this bias statements she (or he) keeps making.

    How do we know the truth? I mean there are tons of people out there, people that I know, that are being swayed by this propoganda, and there’s no way to prove it.

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