Amazing, Spoiler-Laden Dernhelm Image

We’re getting closer! Woo!

Ahem. Obsessive fanboy restraints applied. I wanted to share the following image, which apparently is a scan of the packaging for an action figure due to come out with The Return of the King, and which has been posted by the excellent obsessives at Dernhelm.

Warning: I (obviously) don’t know yet how this particular plot element is going to be handled in the movie, but if you haven’t read The Lord of the Rings and want to preserve what is, in the book at least, a major surprise, you shouldn’t view the above-linked image. But if you fall into that particular demographic, you’re tragically flawed already, so it’s hard to muster much sympathy for your predicament. Go read it already, then come back and view the image.


2 Responses to “Amazing, Spoiler-Laden Dernhelm Image”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Wow! So true. I just wish that was my only tragic flaw.

  2. Tad Says:

    Shut up nerd!

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