Penis Enlargement Experiment

The wacky flavor of the day: Do penis enlargement pills work? Well, let’s just find out, shall we? Favorite quote: “I’m using millimeters for accuracy.” Riiiiiight. Actually, I suspect he’s using millimeters because “Erect length: 140mm” just sounds a whole hell of a lot more impressive than the English-unit alternative.

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  1. Some dude Says:

    You know? Penis enlargment is one of the biggest jokes I’ve seen so far. I’s just another pill with more side effects than its worth. They just tell people that it will make their dick bigger to make an extra buck. With the right sales pitch, you can convnce someone that chocolate is a good method of weight loss, that the green M&M’s make you horny, that big hands, big feet, big nose, big ears=big wang. I mean shit! There was a guy that made millions of dollars selling a pet fuckin rock back inthe 70’s. Everybody felt that they had to have one because so and so had one and soon it became a trend that targeted the dumbest of the dumb. Go’s to show you how much of mere sheep that mankind has become, A mindless, lost, impressionable, gullible society of fools that strive and ache for every petty chance of acceptance through assimilation. In short, alot of people are dumb enough to believe that these pills work. From them there will be a whole slew of idiots to follow because ol’ John Doe decided to try the shit and it will just become another annoying trent that ends up making people have heart attacks and shit. There are only two tru methods of penis enlargment. Puberty and sexual arousal.

  2. PornSTAR Finder Says:

    Lots of pics, galleries and movies !!

  3. Kevin Says:

    Bla bla…

  4. no Says:

    those ….ing pills dont work and they dont refund your money. some bs.

  5. penisdata Says:

    some work, some don’t, you just gotta be careful

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