How to Tell if Your Boyfriend Really Plays Bass in a Major Rock Band

Okay; last Salon link for today. From Cary Tennis’ advice column: Guitar grifter? Cary’s correspondent is a group of friends of a well-off young woman who has been smitten by, and is now engaged to be married to, a man who says he is a bass player for a major rock band. The friends have reason to believe he might be lying, and want to know how they can talk the bride-to-be into hiring a private investigator to check the guy out.

Nonono, responds Tennis. She can find this out easily without needing to resort to professional help (at least assuming she’s willing to entertain the question at all). He then explains how. So, if you might conceivably find yourself in similar circumstances, be sure to check it out. serving your information needs for nearly a fourteenth of a century!

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